December 03, 2023

Security engineers summed up fault monitoring

ForewordHello everyone, I'm Mr. Lin, security engineer summed up collection of failure monitoring solutions, let's take a look at knowledge points together! Text1. What is reason for feeling of vibration on display screen?

This situation usually occurs because screen refresh rate is set too low. Go to "Display Properties", click "Settings", select "Advanced" and then select "Monitor", set new frequency to 75Hz, confirm output. This problem can be solved.

2. Why does splash screen or black screen appear on monitor after turning on monitor for a certain period of time?

This situation is caused by screen saver not being canceled or by incorrect power management settings. The solution is to exit monitoring system to WINDOWS operating system interface, right-click on interface, select "Properties", in tab that appears, select screen saver and select (none) to cancel screen saver. Then click setting button on bottom right corner, select "Always On" in power scheme, select "Never" for system standby, select "Never" when you close monitor, select "Never" for "Turn off hard drive". , and finally click OK.

3. Why is HDD DVR displaying only image and not control buttons, or is image not filling entire screen? In general, screen resolution setting does not meet requirements, set desktop resolution to 1024*768 and change small font to large.

Security engineers summed up fault monitoring

4. How should a video host be partitioned on a hard drive?

Primary system hard drive:

1) Create a primary partition C: (2 to 3 GB) (operating system + application software).

2) Create an extended partition (100% remaining hard drive)

3) Create a logical partition D in extended partition: (usually about 4 GB is allocated, mostly stored in backup of application and some video data)

4) Create logical partition E in extended partition: (remaining hard disk space) (video data)

5. Why does a splash screen or black screen appear on monitor after launching and observing for a certain period of time?

After exiting to operating system interface, right-click interface, select properties, select splash screen from tab that appears, and select (none) to cancel splash screen. Then click setting button in lower right corner, select "Always On" in power plan, select "Never" when system is waiting, select "Never" when monitor is turned off, select "Never" when hard drive is turned off, and then confirm.

6. Why is there no image when uploading?

Make sure chassis and monitor are properly connected and power is connected and turned on. During transportation and moving of machine case, internal parts of board and card may become loose. It is best to open case before starting machine, and then turn on power, making sure that components are connected securely and correctly. If motherboard self-test fails normally at startup (usually keyboard LED flashes once and main buzzer beeps), turn off power, check if CPU board and graphics card are OK. fully and firmly inserted, and board can be removed. Insert it back. If processor fan does not spin and Power LED on panel does not turn on after pressing power switch, check that power supply is connected properly.

7. What operating system can a hard drive video card run under?

Hard disk video card can be used above Windows/2000 and supports PNP function.

8. Why does system crash? How to recover?

When incorrect Windows settings or some other software glitches cause system to malfunction, a system crash occurs. You can use following methods to restore your system:

First: The Windows registry method for system recovery. For example, if monitor is not turned on or monitor connection is not normal at system startup, system cannot enter Windows normally when system is restarted, and this can be fixed by following these steps.

Restart, press and hold F8 key during startup process, select "Command Prompt Only" from startup mode selection menu, and after startup enter following command line: scanreg /restore Select last date whenand system is working normally restore.

Second, if restoring registry fails to solve problem, you can use Ghost method to restore system, provided you used Ghost backup system. The usage method is to start (start from HDD or WIN98 boot disk) to DOS state, run Ghost.exe and complete System Restore as prompted

9. What to do if image is not displayed?

Reason 1: Video card is incompatible. It can pass Direct Draw test. If test passes, that's not reason.

Reason 2: The PCI interface does not have a good contact, you can replace it with another PCI slot to check.

Reason 3: If card is damaged, you can consider another card for testing.

10. Instructions for installing audio and video drivers.

There is no need to install more video card drivers, only check full number of drivers in safe mode.

Example: you have 8 cards connected to motherboard, you can only install 8 drivers, you must check number of audio and video card drivers in "Safe Mode". Sometimes system does not work correctly if there are more drivers for video card than installed video cards.

Note: A 4-sided real-time card is equivalent to 4 independent cards, and 4 drivers need to be installed, and for other audio and video cards, a driver for each card needs to be installed! If you find this phenomenon, you should turn off Remove all video card drivers (including other duplicate devices in system) and restart computer.

11. Why can't computer find card?

Cause 1: The computer's power supply is not an ATX power supply. Please use an ATX power supply.

Reason 2: Your computer's PCI slot is damaged, try another slot.

Cause 3: The board is damaged. Replace board for testing.

12. What should I do if video playback quality is poor?

With "normal" compression quality of our HDD VCR, video playback quality is quite satisfactory. But sometimes it is found that "mosaic" phenomenon is more serious, especially for moving images, image becomes blurry, main reason is that your camera's brightness is too low (do not try to change brightness of DVR). to compensate), you need to reset camera brightness settings to compensate. Particular attention should be paid to this moment in engineering construction.

13. What should I do if live monitoring image is not clear?

In system settings of HDD DVR, you can select "normal camera" or "high-definition camera" according to configured camera model or resolution; At same time, you can also adjust video brightness, color, contrast and saturation value.awn to achieve satisfactory results.

14. What should I do if program does not start or does not initialize?

Reason 1: Bad label. Can't hook app, shortcut won't launch, remove shortcut and rebuild or reinstall program.

Reason 2: DirectX8.0 or later acceleration software is not installed.

Cause 3: The card model is not recognized correctly. Run Config.exe program after card has been identified.

Cause 4: The power supply is not an ATX power supply, or power supply is insufficient. Instead, use a high power ATX power supply.

Cause 5: The board of board has poor contact, reinstall board of board.

Reason six: The software and card are incompatible, that is, incompatible. Contact product supplier.

Reason 7: If there is a bad card, you need to confirm presence of each card.

Eighth reason: The PCI slot is damaged, please use another slot.

15. What should I do if monitor button does not work?

Reason 1: Audio is not being used or there is no audio on selected channel.

Reason 2: Sound card not installed or sound card driver not installed.

Reason 3: The sound card is not working properly. It is recommended to use direct sound test. The method is this: run Dxdiag.exe program in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory to check working status of sound card. If test fails, do following:

Firstly: Restart your computer in "Safe Mode", open Device Manager, remove any duplicate device drivers, then restart to install driver, run Dxdiag.exe program test and run test. If it still doesn't work, click next step.

Second: If there is a problem with built-in sound card, when replacing sound card, please protect built-in sound card in BIOS, otherwise it cannot be used; replace another sound card, run Dxdiag.exe program test, if it still fails test, just replace motherboard.

16. What should I do if monitoring and audio playback is abnormal?

If monitoring and playback sound is abnormal, possible reasons are:

Reason one: due to system compatibility.

When using an industrial computer to install system, it is recommended to install sound card in main PCI slot (closest to CPU card).

Cause 2: The sound card driver or system device driver is not installed correctly.

In Safe Mode, check your sound card and system device drivers, remove duplicate device drivers, restart your computer, and then install driver provided by product vendor. And test with DirectSound, preferably a sound card with software buffering and hardware buffering.

17. Monitoring is normal, but there is no sound during playback?

Causeson fact that "allow recording" is not set, just start sound in program settings

18. Why is image still?

Maybe audio and video card is out of order, maybe audio and video card and PCI slot of computer If slot contact is bad, you can turn off computer and restart computer, if there are more frequent dead cards, you can think about replacing card, if not very frequent , then it may be because system is running too long Start to reset system working pressure and free up memory, also can add a reset line connected to computer on a specific system card, to achieve purpose of automatic system recovery.

19. Why is setting not working?

All settings will take effect at beginning of next minute after they are set.

20. Why is frontend inflexible?

The possible reason is that connection between decoder and pan/tilt device is poor, or communication cable is too long. The general usage method is to install decoder and pan/tilt device side by side, i.e. decoder is usually installed next to pan/tilt.