November 30, 2023

How to install an access control system? What are common faults?

ForewordHi everyone, I'm Mr. Lin, how to install access control system? What are common faults? Let's see what we know! Text1. Installing and debugging an access control system

1. Power

Make sure there is enough power, try using a linear power supply, and door lock and controller need to be powered separately. The power supply should be installed as close as possible to electrical equipment to avoid interference and transmission losses.

2. Wiring

It is divided into power line, communication line and signal line. When connecting, pay attention to separation of strong and weak lines. The distance between two tubes must be greater than 20 cm.

Power cord: The diameter of wire is quite thick and it uses stranded wires.

Signal and communication lines: Use five categories of shielded twisted-pair lines. Among them, bus 485 should be connected with a twisted pair of wires. When buying wires, it is recommended to use four-core shielded wires 4 * 0.5.


  • The shielded wire cannot be used as a 0V (ground) connection wire
  • Only one ground terminal per shield return
  • If shielded loop cannot be grounded, shielded wire can be connected to another shielded loop in network.
  • The signal grounds of each module must be connected together.
  • If there is a break point in middle of line, it must be soldered with a soldering iron and insulated.
  • Do not store power cables with AC power adapter.
  • If network connection exceeds 1000 meters, you need to add a repeater, after which it can be increased by another 1000 meters.
  • Location selection:

  • Card reader: do not install it on a metal object, distance between two card readers should be at least 30 cm, power is best supplied through controller. If card reader is powered exclusively from outside, use a linear regulated power supply (transformer) to power card reader, and negative DC pole cannot be connected to AC ground terminal.
  • Network adapter: connection to controller is direct.
  • Controller: non-isolated controller, it is recommended to use same power supply.
  • Lock: When installing magnetic lock, make sure that lock body and relay plate can be tightly aligned, otherwise suction will be insufficient. Electric mortise lock, if you need to open socket when installing electric mortise lock, please note that diameter of hole must be large enough and depth must be deep enough so that lock tongue can be fully inserted. The tongue of lock cannot be fullyis set, and lock tongue will continuously jump after door is locked, or operating current will always be high and lock body will become hot.
  • How to install an access control system? What are common faults?

    2. Common faults and maintenance methods of an access control system

    1. A valid card cannot open door

  • Check that electric lock is working. Check power supply or replace electric lock.
  • If lock tongue and buckle are mechanically stuck, repair mechanical problem or replace parts.
  • Check LEDs on control board to make sure communication between control board and module is normal and troubleshoot.
  • Check for normal communication between card reader and module and troubleshoot.
  • Is information day close command configured to adjust open time via software.
  • Regardless of whether operator initializes access control system or re-authorizes other commands through software.
  • 2. Access Control Link Error

  • Check if serial port is set correctly (identify serial port being used).
  • Check for a short or open on access control communication bus (check for a short or open in communication line).
  • Check that communication chip 75184 of RS485 communication board is not damaged (replace communication chip 75148).
  • RS485 communication card is damaged (replace RS485 communication card).
  • Check if crystal head of network cable is well made, check if network cable is connected, and ping address of access control controller.
  • 3. Access control entries cannot be retrieved

    Clear Access Controller, Reload Time

    4. Door lock always open

  • The operator sets state of access control device to normally open, or for other reasons controller is in normally open state.
  • Controller failed.
  • Remedy: Set door lock controller to normal, if problem persists, replace controller.

    5. IC card is unreadable

  • The IC card has been set to a valid card reading time period when IC card is authorized (it can be set to actually read card all day).
  • The access controller gets very hot (replace access control board).
  • Read/write access control antenna (adjust fine tuning capacitor to increase card reading distance).
  • 6. Communication between computer and controller is unstable

  • Incorrect or poor quality signal cable is being used.
  • Signal line laying is not standardized, such as signal line and power line etc.go through same pipe.
  • How to install an access control system? What are common faults?

    3. Various access control installation drawings

    How to install an access control system? What are common faults?

    Large image of access control setup

    How to install an access control system? What are common faults?
How to install an access control system? What are common faults?
How to install an access control system? What are common faults?

    Three types of installation of access control equipment

    How to install an access control system? What are common faults?
How to install an access control system? What are common faults?
How to install an access control system? What are common faults?

    Magnetic lock installation diagram

    Summary of malfunctions of four or nine access control systems

    1. Why does magnetic lock make a loud sound when door is closed?

  • a. Check if rubber gasket is installed.
  • b. Check end of iron plate to see if screw is too loose.
  • c. Check if distance between magnetic lock body and suction cup is correct.
  • 2. Why doesn't iron plate stick firmly after magnetic lock has been used for a certain period of time?

  • Check if output of power supply "power and voltage" 1A/12V/24V has decreased.
  • Check surface of magnet for foreign objects (such as dust, rust deposits, foreign objects, etc.).
  • 3. Why is it often necessary to adjust magnetic lock iron plates?

  • A. Check if iron plate is equipped with pins.
  • b. Check whether iron plate is equipped with a rubber gasket.
  • c. The client is advised to apply a "fixer" to screw.
  • 4. After sucking iron plate, there is a slight vibration, and suction is not enough?

  • a. Check whether main surface of magnetic lock is fully attached to iron plate and there are no foreign objects, or try to loosen iron plate.
  • b. Check if voltage and current are sufficient.
  • 5. Why does magnetic lock have an adjustable delay but does not work?

  • a. The "delay adjustment" of magnetic lock starts timing after power is turned on, not after door is closed.
  • b. The magnetic lock delay is 0, 3, 6 and 9 seconds. Check your settings and make sure time is set to 9 seconds.
  • 6. Why is magnetic lock on but red LED is dim and cannot be tightened?

    Check if there is enough voltage to power electromagnetic lock (should provide 1A current/12V voltage).

    7. Why does magnetic lock turn on power, but red LED is always on and green one is off?

    The induction element of magnetic lock may be damaged and needs to be replaced.

    8. Why can't I use double-leaf magnetic lock for some time?

    Two-door magnetic lock consumes a lot of power, check if there is enough power (is it sufficient for required current and voltage of two-door electromagnetic lock, or is there any line loss).

    9. Why does magnetic lock not work with controller?

    Check if "output" pin of controller is correct.