November 26, 2023

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

ForewordHi everyone, I'm Mr. Lin. Now command center construction plan is in high demand. Today I would like to share plan for building base environment of command center. The application plan depends on needs, but basic building functions are similar, let's see. TextChapter 1 General plan for construction of command center

1.1. Foreword

The command center of this project not only integrates construction, electrical, installation, networking and other professional technologies, but also requires extensive experience in project implementation and management. The quality of design and construction of command center is directly related to whether computer system in command center can work stably and reliably, and whether smooth transmission of all kinds of information can be guaranteed.

The command center of this project should not only ensure safe and reliable normal operation of command center equipment, prolong life of computer system, but also create a comfortable working environment for system administrator, which can meet system administrator's requirements for temperature and humidity, cleanliness, electromagnetic field strength, noise interference, safety, sealing, power quality, vibration, lightning protection and grounding, etc. Therefore, a qualified modern computer command center must be safe, reliable, convenient and practical, energy-saving, efficient and expandable.

1.2. Project Overview

The command center of fire brigade is located at XXX, and area of ​​the command center is about XX㎡. According to actual situation, command center intelligently divides functional areas such as alarm sending, screen display, data storage and combat discussion.

1.3 The objectives of construction of command center

The main content of design of fire command center of fire brigade includes: a business application system, a basic support system, and a basic environment. The command center is mainly used to meet usage needs for at least two years into future.

1.4. Design basis

(1) Actual needs and offers of building unit

(2) General national standards and specifications:

Serial number

National Standard Number

Standard name



"Technical design and installation of computer room of electronic information system"



"Smart Building Design Standards"



"Smart building, weak engineering design and construction"



"Design and installation of security systems"


GB/T 50348-2018

"Technical Safety Standards"


GB 50395-2007

"CCTV design code"



GB 50198-2011

"Technical specifications of civil video surveillance system"


GB 50396-2007

"Technical design of population management system"


GB 50311-2016

"Integrated Cabling Design Code"


GB 50312-2016

"Integrated Cabling Design Acceptance Rules"


GB 50526-2010

"Public Broadcasting System Technical Specifications"


GB 50057-2010

"Design standards for lightning protection of buildings"


GB 50343-2012

"Specifications for lightning protection of electronic building information system"


GB 50373-2006

"Code for design of communication pipelines and channels"


Other relevant national, industry and local rules, regulations and regulations

1.5. Design principles

The design of fire control center of fire brigade must not only meet current needs and tasks, but also provide for possibility of rapid growth in future, so it must be of high quality, highly safe, reliable, flexible. and open out. To transform fire command center of municipal fire brigade into an industry-leading comprehensive command center, design process follows following principles:

Ø Security

Ø Reliability

Ø Scalability

Ø International standardization and openness

Ø Control bandwidth demand

Ø Beautiful and comfortable, economical and reasonable

This project uses more advanced technologies and materials to turn this project into an advanced and practical information command center. The selected technologies and materials have been tested in previous engineering practices and can best meet needs of existing network security control center business and future development, and have a high degree of security and reliability in general.

Chapter II Plan for building base environment 2.1 General plan for building base environment

The fire brigade command center is located in XXX and layout of computer room is shown below:

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Large computer room layout

2.1.1. Service room and equipment for large screens

This area is mainly used to house image control system, UPS, battery cabinet and other equipment, and can also be used as a service space for wide screen displays.

2.1.2. Display screen area

The command center display screen area is composed of LCD screen, LED strip screen, splicing control workstation, hard disk video recorder, etc., integrated control and display of various signals related to command center business, surveillance image sharing behind public safety roads and military camp garages. Surveillance images, surveillance images of key objects in jurisdiction, GPS vehicle trajectory, 3G image transmission at fire scene, date, clock, weather, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind strength, current fire and other text information.

Large example of a TV wall as shown below:

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Large image displayed on big screen

The size of TV wall is 6360*2500, and it is composed of 18 pieces of 46-inch ultra-narrow LCD screens, LED strip screens and bases. 46" ultra-narrow bezel LCD screen, size 1025.7(W)*579.8(H)*128.1(D), line width ≤3.5mm, resolution 1920*1080, brightness 700cd/m² , service life 60,000 hours. The fusion screen has following interfaces:

1) CVBS input/output: 5 channels: 1Vp-p, 75 ohm, BNCx5, 2 channels output;

2) S-video input: 1ch Y: 1Vp-p, 75Ω C: 0.3Vp-p, 75Ω

3) YUV input: 1ch, 1920*1080, backward compatible;

4) VGA input: 1ch 1920*1080 backward compatible;

5) HDMI input: 1ch 1920*1080 backward compatible;

6) DVI input: 1ch, 1920*1080, backward compatible;

7) DP input: support 1 channel;

8) AUDIO input: 1 channel: RCA left/right channel (optional);

9) SDI input: 1ch: 3G-SDI\HDSDI (optional);

10) IP decoding input: 1ch: RJ45, support 4ch 1080P/8ch 720P/16ch D1(optional);

11) USB input: USB 2.0 supports online software upgrade;

12) Communication interface: RS485 loop in/out.

Control workstation by splicing, with full Chinese interface, unified operation interface, flexible and simple operation. Multi-signal split-screen display, full-screen display, arbitrary group display), multi-window display capability: image can be freely scaled, moved, moved and overlaid within full screen range. Support for multi-screen image stitching and picture-in-picture. The screen can be displayed on a single screen, scaled and displayed on multiple screens, or displayed in full screen.

2.1.3. Alarm Send Zone

There are 2 rows of hosts in alarm dispatching area, for a total of 10 hosts. These include alarm dispatchers, camp monitoring, social unit monitoring, and intranet computers.

The size of console is 600mm wide, and specific size and style can be customized according to conditions of object.

2.1.4. Battle discussion

Eight oval conference tables have been installed in combat research area to provide access to audio, video, data, conference functions, etc. An interactive large-screen digital platform, fire training software and handwriting equipment have been installed high definition input. , which can be used for command, training and analysis, evaluation of combat training, etc.

2.2 Basic decoration 2.2.1 Design requirements

The design must comply with requirements of fire protection, antistatic, dustproof, soundproofing, etc.

2.2.2. Ze design planml

When building main environment of command center, access floor is a very important part. The raised floor is laid in construction site of computer room, and computer equipment and other electronic equipment is installed in raised floor, and various pipelines connecting equipment can be laid in space between raised floor and construction site. The entrance is detachable, so it is very convenient to connect wires and cables of all equipment, pipeline connection and maintenance and replacement, and laying route distance is shortest, which reduces signal loss during infection transmission.

In addition, raised floor can be quickly installed and dismantled, which makes it easier to place and configure equipment, and also creates favorable conditions for expansion and replacement of equipment.

The floor height of computer room of this project is 0.3 m. An all-metal wear-resistant and anti-static floor is used. The surface of floor is glued with conductive PVC veneer, floor is powder coated. - resistant paint.

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Principal diagram of an electrostatic floor

2.2.3. Ceiling plan

The ceiling of command center uses false ceiling method. The ceiling in command center mainly performs following functions:

Ø Install fixed lighting fixtures and electrical wiring;

Ø Installation of stationary automatic fire detectors with;

Ø Temperature and humidity sensors and other equipment;

Ø Keep dust out.

The ceiling of command center is mainly made of 600*600 square meters aluminum gusset, and main and auxiliary keel are combined inside ceiling, and keel is supported by 40X4 steel angle. Beams and roofs are dustproof, mainly considering requirements of sound absorption, metal shielding, air conditioning, aesthetics and durability.

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Microporous aluminum gusset pattern

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Ceiling keel plan

2.2.4 Wall plan

Taking into account requirements of noise immunity and sound absorption, in this design, special wall panels (colored steel plates) are used as decorative materials for walls in central zone of swing. The color steel plate not only has advantages of anti-fouling and impact resistance, but more importantly, it has a good anti-static function, and color steel plate is decorated in a combined way, so there is no need for secondary finishing. , damage, it can directly replace damaged wall panel, and it is very convenient to disassemble and assemble. Grid grounding processing is done behind panel, which is beautiful and generous, and can achieve effect of shielding and anti-static.

The color steel plate in computer room meets first-class fire protection standard of national standard, and can fully meet fire protection requirements for construction and decoration of computer room. At same time, a background wall has been installed in computer room at appropriate location. The background wall is blue and text font is bold and white. No signs such as police badges are displayed. A map of distribution of road water sources in jurisdiction, a schematic diagram of main divisions, regulations for managing command post, duties of correspondents, elements of police inquiry and civilized regulatory deadlines, provisions for acceptance and sorting of police, etc. are posted at appropriate positions. Content, material, size , color, etc. are determined by a unified detachment, must comply with a formalized control regulation and be consistent with environment of the command center.

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Scheme of a non-ferrous steel keel

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Scheme of colored steel plate in computer room

2.2.5 Door and window decoration plan

The exit from machine room must be equipped with a door that opens in direction of evacuation and closes automatically, and an access control system must be installed. An exit button is installed in room, and a card reader with a password function is installed outside, so that in event of a fire, access control system can be automatically opened, and personnel in machine room can exit freely, and safe evacuation of personnel can be guaranteed in case of fire.

The computer room windows are sealed with aluminum alloy to prevent theft, rain and dust.

Install high-quality fire and burglary doors at entrance and exit of machine room.

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Example of fire door drawing

2.3 Power distribution system 2.3.1 UPS system

A 10kVA UPS is installed in machine room, backup power time is 2 hours.

2.3.2 Power distribution cabinet and power strip Power distribution cabinet

Power supply to low current system in computer room is provided by UPS power distribution cabinet, and power distribution cabinet is responsible for powering computer room air-conditioning equipment, computer room auxiliary outlets, and computer room lighting. There is a spare circuit in junction box and cabinet, which is used to expand equipment in machine room. Socket

Power outlets in computer room fall into two categories: UPS outlets and AC outlets. Low current systems such as cabinets, access control and monitoring systems are powered by UPS outlets. An emergency power supply and spare sockets should be provided in every room to facilitate emergency and maintenance. All mains power, emergency power, lighting, air conditioning, access control system, backup power and other power sources are laid separately in phases.

2.3.3. Cable

The cable (wire) is selected as National A cable. The UPS input line is YJV5X6mm2, power line of each socket is 4mm2, light line is power line of 2.5mm2.

2.4. Lighting system

Stainless steel lattice lamps (600*600) are used as lighting fixtures, and tri-color lamps with an average illumination of at least 8001 lux are used for lighting. Inductive ballasts, lamps and starters are made of high quality domestic products, and capacitors are added to improve power factor and eliminate inductive resistance, so that lamps start quickly and do not flicker;

All lighting circuits in this project are independent circuits and will not be mixed with other electrical equipment.

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Sample grille diagram

Install emergency evacuation warning lights and emergency lighting at entrance and exit of command post. An evacuation sign (induction light) is placed above entrance to premises or at evacuation passage and its corner, at a height of about 2.2 meters from ground. When mains power is off, emergency lighting will be activated automatically, and backup power time is 30 minutes to ensure easy maintenance in machine room cabinet area and evacuation of personnel on machine after emergency processing and rescue.

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.
2.5 Grounding and lightning protection system

(1) Route building ground wire from electrical well on floor of building to computer room, and connect it to building's structural steel bars in two columns in computer room as a comprehensive ground wire. An equipotential wire 30*3mm is laid under raised floor in engine room. The grounding copper strip is equipotentially connected to cabinet body and equipment body with a BVR6mm2 cable.

Make a circle of copper strips of grounding mesh along machine room. The specific method is to use 30x3 copper strips to connect and ground with insulation. The entire area of ​​the computer room forms a ring and is connected to ground. grid with two plastic copper wires BVR25. Floor stand, cabinet body, control equipment, UPS, etc. are grounded using BVR6 plastic copper wires to be connected to built-in ground plate. All server hardware inside cabinet uses BVR4 plastic copper wires to connect cabinet to ground.

(2) A secondary surge protector is installed in UPS distribution cabinet.

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Copper foil diagram

A set of basic plan for building an environment for an emergency command center.

Copper rod diagram

2.6 Security and control system

(1) Install 3 high-definition network cameras in command center to monitor images inside command center and at entrances and exits, and set up an 8-channel hard disk DVR with a video retention period of 3 months.

(2) Install a password access control system at entrance and exit of command center, 3 sets in total.

(3) Install infrared intrusion detectors over entrances and exits of command center, which can be centralized and independently arm and disarm.

(4) In computer room, a set of integrated power system monitoring system is installed to realize real-time monitoring and warning of malfunctions in power supply and distribution, UPS power supply, temperature and humidity, smoke, water leakage, etc. in computer room .

2.7 Fire extinguishing system

(1) The original fire protection system in command center is retained. If there is no fire protection system, a complete fire protection system must be set up, which is not covered in this plan.

(2) Install 3 smoke detectors in command center and connect them with integrated monitoring to implement independent fire alarms in key areas.

(3) Two hand-held gas fire extinguishers are installed in large-screen repair and equipment room of command post, alarm dispatching area and combat seminar area, a total of 6 sets. extinguishing agent can be sprayed directly into protected area. High efficiency and speed of fire extinguishing.

2.8. Integrated wiring system

The data point scheme required to connect command post to external network, internal network, telephone, etc. is used to ensure normal operation of basic command post system. Each console in signaling dispatch zone is set with 1 voice and 1 data, respectively , seminar area is set up with 2 voices and 2 data, while reserving information points and reserving private network telephone routes.

2.9 Air conditioning system

In order to ensure air quality in command center, a special precision air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 3P has been installed in command center. The air conditioner uses downward blowing mode, and its main advantages are:< /p>

Ø Constant temperature, constant humidity, clean and accurate environmental control to ensure normal and efficient operation of main equipment;

Ø The structure and functional design of all-weather smooth and stable operation ensures a safe working environment for main equipment;

Ø All components and device performance have been strictly tested before leaving factory, stable and reliable;

Ø Optimum duct design with CFD optimization, resistanceducting is smallest and fan power is smallest;

Ø Outdoor fan stepless speed control, energy saving, high efficiency and long service life;

Ø Management and control with high energy efficiency, preventing operation of competing components and providing cooling capacity on demand;

Ø Easy maintenance;

Ø Air filter with metal frame, multiple cleaning and use, low maintenance costs;

Ø Automatic humidifier flush to reduce maintenance workload;

Ø There are many ways to supply air: air supply from hood, air supply from duct, air supply from below, air supply from raised floor.

2.10 Audio, conference system

Install audio equipment in command center, including audio processors, power amplifiers, 2 main speakers, 4 ceiling speakers, 2 sets of wireless microphones, and audio access to police stations and command rooms.

In field of combat research, install a video conferencing system including high-definition video conferencing cameras, intelligent control hosts, wireless control terminals, wireless access points, etc., for emergency combat deployment meetings, training, etc. .