November 24, 2023

How to charge for low current monitoring and maintenance? understand clearly

ForewordHi everyone, I'm Mr. Lin, there are many charging methods for low current service. Let's take a monitoring project as an example. According to our weak current friends discussion, some friends are calculated based on tens of RMB per point, some friends are calculated on basis of one RMB per day, some friends are calculated on basis of a year, and some are calculated on basis of one door-to-door service. In this issue, we will look at how to charge for low current service. Text1. How to charge for weak electricity service

Currently, two of them are most commonly used: annual service and door-to-door delivery; Let's take a monitoring project as an example.

First annual maintenance

1. Service content:

For convenience of your company (customer), in spirit of your company's strong technical assistance, we are launching a free warranty service for equipment that is not sold by our company or installed and sold by our company (contract service), as follows:

1-1. The customer submits an application after our company checks equipment, completes equipment list and seals necessary equipment for maintenance, and pays a certain equipment maintenance fee to our company annually, that is, is included in our company's Warranty Maintenance File.

1-2.After paying maintenance fee, our company is responsible for providing customer with timely maintenance, service and repair of monitoring system. (Replacement or maintenance of spare parts is paid separately)

1-3. In event of various breakdowns of warranty equipment, after customer notifies our special line, our company will send a special person to site to provide technical support for 8 hours in urban area and 24 hours in suburbs; Send it to our company for service, and customer will provide appropriate equipment for customer use. (that is, replacing equipment to ensure normal operation of customer's equipment)

Second, payment standards: maintenance and repair costs


Maintenance Period



Unit price

Total cost


Surveillance camera

1 year


95 points



Our company maintains and maintains monitoring system, such as replacement or installation of spare parts will be charged according to market price.

That is, each surveillance camera costs 15 yuan per month. Of course, for many projects, number of cameras is relatively small, so you can properly charge for their maintenance. For example, if number of cameras is less than 10, it may be charged at 30 yuan per billing month.

3. Payment method:

The contract for maintenance of monitoring system is paid in amount of 60% of total amount of contract after signing of contract, and remaining 40% is paid in a lump sum after signing of contract for 7 months. Accounts are subject to tax points.

Fourthly, maintenance and repair rules

1. Monitoring Host:

2. Clear host filter

3. Determine operating system

4. Camera Line

5. Power

6. Line

7. Camera lens (custom)

8. Video Resolution

9. The above items (unless otherwise noted) should be checked regularly and serviced once a year.month (fixed date - day of each month) or by phone, as well as irregular quick repair and maintenance.

5. Response time:

Arrive within 6 hours of business hours.

Come back after work next morning after hours.

Arrive within twelve hours on public holidays.

After paying maintenance fee, our company is responsible to provide customer with maintenance, service and repair of monitoring system in a timely manner. After change of personnel, three days of training and training can be provided free of charge.

6. Duration of maintenance contract

The maintenance period is one year or 12 months.

Second single door-to-door service

Our company specifically launches one-fee on-site service for customers with simple monitoring systems and multiple monitoring points,

Specific costs (note: service personnel costs should be based on an official company receipt)

1. The maintenance fee (including testing, installation and auxiliary materials) of each camera point is 80 RMB/point in city, 100 RMB/point in suburbs, and replacement and maintenance fee for other accessories and equipment is calculated separately. 20 RMB discount per point if you have more than two points.

2.Camera point offset. 100 yuan/point in city, 150 yuan/point in suburbs, free wire delivery within 10 meters, over 10 meters, excluding wires. Above 50 meters, there will be an additional charge of 3 RMB per meter, wire is not included.

3. For maintenance of monitoring host, if there is one problem with monitoring software, fee is 100 yuan in city and 150 yuan in suburbs; For a month, virus caused unreliability.

4. For replacement of equipment and spare parts that need to be reinstalled next day, an additional fee of 20 yuan/time within city and 40 yuan/time outside city will be charged.

5. The response time is within 24 hours after receiving confirmation by phone, but our company does not provide replacement equipment.

6. All expenses will be collected in cash upon completion of project (the receipt is our company's official receipt) and invoice must be taxed.

The above prices for monitoring and maintenance are for reference only. Monitoring and maintenance fees should be determined based on local wages, specific project conditions, and whether monitoring system is new or outdated.