November 20, 2023

How many data centers do we need, and how many do you know?

ForewordHello, I'm Mr. Lin, The data center is an important part of information infrastructure and "backbone" of "new infrastructure" facility. ". In recent years, pace of investment and construction of data centers in my country has continued to accelerate, and number of data center racks in country has exceeded 2 million. TextThis year, my country is clear signaled that it will accelerate construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers, and a number of data center construction projects will continue to be launched in different locations.The overall size of data center market will grow rapidly, and compound annual rate is expected to growth in next three years will be at least 30%.Experts suggest that when locating data centers in various locations, scientific planning and overall planning should be carried out in accordance with requirements of application in order to avoid unreasonable investments caused by "rush". < br> The data center is an important part of information infrastructure, and it is "infrastructure" in "new infrastructure". In recent years, pace of investment and construction of data centers in my country has continued to accelerate, and number of data center racks in country has exceeded 2 million. March 4 this year. The Standing Committee of Politburo of Central Committee of Communist Party of China held a meeting and signaled need to speed up construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers. This also means that construction of data centers in various locations will continue to expand. With advent of era of digital economy, how many data centers should be invested in our country?

Why data center has become a "sweetie"

What is a data center? In era of digital economy, digital computing capabilities are one of most fundamental social infrastructures, just like water, electricity and other means of production. As a data hub and application carrier, data center is a basic support for transfer of digital computing power and information systems in various industries, an important prerequisite for building an information platform, and a key link in development of a digital production chain. . Since beginning of this year, central government decisions and their deployment have been implemented in all localities, and a number of new infrastructure construction projects have been accelerated. The data center project has become one of “tidbits” for new infrastructure in various regions. Sun Huifeng, president of CCID Consulting, predicts that data center investment in my country will reach 416.68 billion yuan this year, up 12.7% year on year.This investment is expected to reach 707.09 billion yuan by 2025. Why do locals seek to invest in data center projects? He Baohong, director of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology's Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute, told reporters that as one of important new infrastructures, data center can not only serve Internet, but also promote digital transformation. traditional industries, effectively contributing to transformation of local profitable industries Modernization and innovative development. “With development of 5G and industrial Internet, Internet and traditional industries are further integrated, and new infrastructure will gradually move from supporting consumption to supporting industrial development and social digital governance, becoming digital infrastructure for development of entire economy and society. The data center will also become main leading industry on which development of various industries depends, and its importance in entire economic system will increase significantly,” said He Baohong. Huang Wei, Chairman and CEO of GDS, told reporters that data center business has grown along with development of Internet. In era of digital economy, uninterrupted operation of data centers is an important guarantee for normal operation of various industries. For example, by providing financial settlement and clearing services, data center can ensure normal development of financial activities, consumer settlements, social and economic activities, etc., supporting online office and instant messaging, it can ensure normal operation of enterprises and personal communication. Pan Helin, executive dean of Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said that data centers are popular all over world. On one hand, data centers will provide important support for construction of smart cities; The rise of digital economy, supported by center, will stimulate modernization of industry on both demand and supply side and give a new impetus to economic growth.

Demand will increase significantly

In my country, there are many shortcomings in field of infrastructure, and shortcomings in field of new infrastructure are more obvious. Since 2018, Central Economic Working Conference has clearly proposed to accelerate construction of new infrastructure for two consecutive years. In line with decisions and deployment of central government, various regions have accelerated pace of "new infrastructure" and launched a number of investment projects. According to each province's "Government Performance Report", a number of data center construction projects will continue to be launched this year in various locations. How information infrastructure, howwhich data centers need to be invested in our country? “The data center is a key infrastructure for industrial digitalization. With rapid growth of network data, growth of cloud computing and advent of 5G era, demand for data centers will increase significantly.” Disk He Ling said that since beginning of this year, in response to impact of new coronary pneumonia epidemic, many industries have accelerated expansion of online business. The informatization process has accelerated, which objectively provides more opportunities for development of data center providers. Pan Helin said that at present, epidemic prevention and control measures in my country have achieved important strategic results. Under impact of epidemic, many new formats and models have been further developed and matured, and demand for data centers is growing. also increases. At same time, with accelerated development of 5G, Internet of Things, blockchain and other technologies, potential of data centers in stabilizing investments and cultivating new industries and new formats still needs to be further exploited. He Baohong believes that my country's infrastructure shortcomings can be eliminated together with "new infrastructure" and traditional infrastructure to coordinate and advance in filling in shortcomings and promoting innovation, forming a joint force. At same time, with comprehensive development and widespread adoption of digital technologies represented by 5G and Industrial Internet, low-latency, high-bandwidth application scenarios will continue to increase, leading to a significant increase in data and further development. to further expand demand in data center market. He said that overall size of data center market will continue to grow rapidly, and compound annual growth rate is expected to be at least 30% in next three years. Huang Wei told reporter that at present, my country's demand for data centers is mainly concentrated in economically developed provinces in east. The population and density of Internet users in these areas are far ahead of central and western regions. Large-scale Internet, cloud computing and technology innovation The number of enterprises, government and corporate users is also far ahead of other regions, and their contribution to digital economy is also greater. This is region with highest demand for data center in my country. "At present, data centers in these regions have reached 60% to 70% of shelves, which is significantly higher than in other regions, and gap between supply and demand is still widening." Huang Wei predicts that in next 5 to 10 years, my country's data center market demand will continue to grow, especially as 5G applications continue to develop.more applications will be born, which in turn will lead to an increase in demand.

How to avoid rushing

"Whether it is traditional infrastructure construction or new infrastructure construction, in absence of scientific and reasonable planning, blind investment and subsequent construction will definitely lead to a number of problems, such as unscientific layout, unreasonable layout, and repetitive construction," said He Baohong. Judging by development experience of developed countries, construction of data centers, as a rule, requires scientific development and planning. For example, service-oriented data centers tend to be mainly located in central cities (core urban areas) with high population density and advanced information technology. Some enterprises will also move disaster recovery services that require lower network latency to colder deployment regions to better utilize local resources. He Baohong suggested that when planning data centers, we pay attention to scientific planning and overall layout, and classify and plan large-scale, ultra-large data centers and edge data centers. Among them, edge data centers support short-term data storage and real-time business processing, and have high network latency requirements, requiring localized deployment; large and super-large data centers support long-term data storage, big data analysis and other services, have high network latency requirements, relatively low demand for its construction can gradually be transferred to suburbs of first-tier cities, nearby cities, and even central and western regions. "The data center, which is a major investment, has a life cycle of 15 to 20 years. Improper layout is likely to lead to inappropriate investments." Huang Wei noted that over past 10 years, built in different places. For many data center projects, overall gap is small, but demand exceeds supply in economically developed areas, and supply exceeds demand in economically underdeveloped areas. Therefore, it is recommended to consider population density and corresponding traffic demand as an important basis for data center location decisions, and combine local policies, natural environment and other conditions for comprehensive coordination and integrated planning for implementation. Rational distribution of resources across country. According to Huang Wei, data center construction in future will have two important characteristics: first, data centers will continue to move towards large-scale operations; In this regard, future construction of data centers will also dividebe divided into regional and centralized ones: “large ones are larger, small ones are smaller, near ones are closer, and distant ones are further away.” Huang Wei suggested that there are two factors to consider when choosing a site for building large-scale data centers. other is that layout should follow changes in technology trends. As future technology upgrades raise technical threshold of data centers, technology foresight will be an important factor in ensuring future data center agility and sustaining a sustainable return on investment. According to Pan Helin, with growing demand for data centers, construction of data centers of various types and sizes is increasing every day. prone to re-building , The problem of rebuilding. Therefore, on one hand, it is necessary to do a good job of top-level design, overall planning, fully consider situation of local economic development and industrial development needs, select a suitable territory, and not blindly pursue scale in data center. construction. On other hand, attention should be paid to increasing utilization rate of data centers, and construction of data centers should be more targeted, based on market needs.

How many data centers do we need, and how many do you know?
How many data centers do we need, and how many do you know?