November 19, 2023

What is a modular data center? You know?

ForewordHi everyone, I'm Mr. Lin. The modular data center is mainly composed of cabinets, enclosed aisles, power and distribution systems, cooling systems, intelligent monitoring systems, built-in electrical wiring. and fire fighting systems composition. One modular data center is configurable with up to N cabinets (including server cabinets, network cabinets, and wired cabinets). The module (excluding UPS) covers an area of ​​35 m2, plus a service channel outside module and a PDF cabinet to power air conditioner inside module, total area does not exceed 55 m2, and total height of module does not exceed 2.65 m. The number of cabinets can be reduced or increased in pairs according to needs of customer. Text

What is a modular data center? You know?

1. Precision control cabinet

The best power distribution solution for today's IT system supports a hot-swappable modular design that is convenient for customers, allowing you to flexibly configure, upgrade, and manage power distribution systems according to data center IT load and enterprise development needs. company.

1. Color touch screen operation, simple and intuitive interface

Using graphical display mode, you can understand various key parameters by lightly touching screen, which can simplify maintenance and effectively reduce human error.

What is a modular data center? You know?

2. Intelligent Power Distribution Monitoring System

(1), main road and branch road are fully controlled with complete data and high accuracy.

(2), international brand accessories

(3) The circuit breakers of all international brands of first line, such as Schneider and ABB, are highly reliable and safe.

(4), hot swappable, modular design

(5), circuit breaker, monitoring module

Hot-swappable lock design to prevent power outage and flexible expansion Highly efficient and flexible communication solutions, support TCP\IP, RS485, MODBUS, SNMP and other communication methods and protocols, fast and efficient docking with back-end monitoring platform.

(6) Up/down row input support

Top/bottom cable entry can be realized without additional accessories, which can easily meet various installation needs.

3. Main road monitoring

Provide single line operation diagram to help customers keep abreast of latest status of power lines, main power supply, circuit breakers and power distribution modules, and information such as voltage, current, power, power supply and harmonics. The status of power distribution system can be seen at a glance.

4. Branch monitoring

Real-time monitoring and display of information about electrical parameters such as voltage, current, harmonics, electricity and power of all branches.

5. Event details

Up to 5000 events can be logged, of which alerts can be configured to prevent system failure due to overload or environmental factors.

Second, column conditioner

The Modular Data Center is cooled by horizontal supply air conditioners at row level.

1. Overview

(1) In a modular data center, air conditioner and equipment cabinet together form a closed cold (hot) duct to ensure hot and cold air isolation. The air conditioner used in modular data center uses horizontal air supply method, and airflow path is back and front, it will inhale and cool hot air leaving server, and then blow it out; cold air is inhaled and exhausted by server, and so on.

(2), horizontal air-supply air conditioner is located close to heat source, and air supply distance is greatly reduced, thereby reducing airflow pressure loss and cold air leakage, and improving utilization efficiency. cooling capacity.

(3) The standard module of modular data center is applied in an area of ​​less than 300m2, and maximum specific power of a single cabinet can reach 9kW, and width of cold and hot aisles is 1.2m.

(4) There are connections for refrigerant piping, power lines, signal lines, and condensate drain pipes at top or bottom of indoor unit.

(5) The appearance of indoor unit is shown in figure (the actual appearance depends on configuration).

Air conditioner outdoor unit (Working state T1, maximum ambient temperature 43°C; Operating state T3, maximum ambient temperature 55°C, can be configured.) When determining installation location, installation and maintenance channel around should be reserved at least 1.5 m.

What is a modular data center? You know?

Three, closed passage

The limited aisle of Modular Data Center mainly consists of end doors and skylights.

1. End door

(1) The closed passage end door is divided into two patterns: sliding door and double door, which can be selected according to customers' needs.

(2), sliding door size: height × width × depth = 2050mm × 1200mm × 42mm.

The sliding door has a sliding design with a cabinet as a holder, and top and bottom rails are installed to ensure independence of closed passage system. The door leaf is bent from 1.5 mm thick cold-rolled steel sheet, and tempered glass is installed in middle to provide a view of space in aisle. The appearance of sliding door is shown in figure.

(3), double door size: height × width × depth = 2050mm × 1200mm × 42mm.

The whole double door is connected to cabinet with screws, which ensures independence of system. Tempered glass is inserted in middle of door panel to provide a view of passage, and tempered glass is quite in line with fire safety requirements. There is a sealing brush at bottom of door panel, which can improve sealing of the module.

What is a modular data center? You know?

2. Skylight

(1) The enclosed passage uses a flat roof design scheme.

(2), flat roof skylight size: height × width × depth = 350mm × 1200mm × 600mm.

(3). The flat roof skylight consists of side panels, top panels and revolving skylights, and one cabinet is used as an expansion module. The rotating skylight is connected to top plate via FuseLink pins. In working condition, skylight is in a horizontal position. In fire condition, FuseLink melts and skylight automatically opens by gravity to ensure that extinguishing gas flows into duct. The appearance of flat roof lantern is shown in figure.

What is a modular data center? You know?

Four, closet

The Modular Data Center can be configured with up to N cabinets, including server cabinets, network cabinets, and wired cabinets.

Cabinets configured in a modular data center are same size. The cabinets comply with IEC60297-1 standard and are equipped with front and rear air ducts. The appearance of cabinet is shown in figure.

What is a modular data center? You know?

Cabinet features:

(1) cabinet meets following specifications:

(2) The ventilation rate of front and rear doors is 70%.

(3) Two vertical PDUs can be installed at back of cabinet.

(4) The exact position of each "U" is marked on cabinet's vertical mounting column.

The front door, rear door and side panels of cabinet can be locked and can only be opened with included special key.

The static load of cabinet is not less than 1300 kg.