November 14, 2023

9 guards died in 5 months, how can service be free?

Every year during security peak season, there is always a weak spot in security industry that they don't want to mention, and that is security workers. Over past two years, installation accidents have shown a concentrated outbreak. Last year, many installers were killed and injured. The pain has not yet healed. This year, there are media in Anhui, Sichuan, Guangdong, Dalian and other provinces and at least five security personnel were killed.

The bloody lesson lies in hidden pain of security industry, and also exposes industry characteristics of excessive cost reduction, low value of expression and distortion of value chain of security companies in a highly competitive environment. Security installers complain of high risks, low pay and poor environment; security companies complain about high liquidity and difficulty in hiring; consumers complain about installation and maintenance, as well as cheating.

This is a problem that industry must face seriously. Labor and wages are always compared with construction and real estate.

Workers complain

Low wages, high demands, high risks, bad environment

The payout is not proportional to income

Guo Zi came to Beijing for 4 years and became a security installer for boss in Zhongguancun. His legs were shaking on ceiling and he was covered in a cold sweat. Every time he works like this, it's always dangerous, but he doesn't get much money. Compared to others, he always feels that his efforts are disproportionate to his income,” Guo Zi complained to a reporter.

9 guards died in 5 months, how can service be free?

According to him, most people in this industry are foreigners, and salary is low, just over 4,000 per month, and there is no commission. Construction site safety is poor It is always dangerous to go up and down scaffolding The environment is filthy and dirty, not as profitable as other types of construction work Lots of restrictions and responsibilities in a place run by owner and you risk rooftop hazards. Not to mention, to get dusty from crawling, I was often scolded or deducted money. Guo Zi still felt offended when he said this.

The industry fluctuates a lot

Because security companies that work are small and big security companies don't hire workers for a long time. In addition, relationships between bosses are not strong and industry fluctuates a lot, so this is not case. you can always work every day and you could be fired at any moment or risk a pay cut. When you are busy, you are eager to get on with your work, and when you are free, you have no money. The employees of company are just ready to go and they will be fired when they finish job. Training is not provided. not to mention future. It's pure hard work, a helpless choice when you're young.

9 guards died in 5 months, how can service be free?

Security companies complain

High mobility, recruitment complexity

When it comes to installing and hiring security companies, many business leaders have expressed headaches. “For a small job, a few people are enough; long-term work requires tens and hundreds of people who are very difficult to recruit; even workers who can stay can leave at any time, and there is no management at all.” The head of security company told reporters that since main labor migrants are people after 80s and after 90s, few people are ready to choose this high-risk and low-paid industry. Now that Beijing has introduced a population control policy to clear basements and verify identity, many people are forced to leave.

9 guards died in 5 months, how can service be free?

Customers do not approve, employees are unprofessional

It is understood that foreign installation industry is relatively mature, and there are more and more perfect industry regulations to protect high-risk work. Whether it's wages, social security, or insurance, sometimes cost of installation is more than 30% of cost of a project. At present, domestic business model does not support it at all.Firstly, customers do not recognize cost of installation and continue to reduce price, and secondly, all workers in industry consist of a disparate construction team consisting of fellow villagers who have completely turned into a full-fledged working class.

Consumer complaints

Installation and maintenance experience leaves a lot to be desired, no one works hard and often scams money

Whoever raises workers will suffer

Because consumers do not recognize value inherent in system, they again and again put pressure on price to control cost of spending. Under this important premise, due to labor characteristics of industry and business model, no security company is willing to "lift workers", implement so-called flexible employment, and apply fast food mentality in employee training and management, so overall quality of workers cannot be improve. Can stay at Xiaobai's starting point, because whoever improves will suffer (when the cultivation is good, it's time to bargain and leave).

9 guards died in 5 months, how can service be free?

With such a group of workers involved in installation and construction, of course, there will not be high quality construction, and it is not easy to maintain existing standard. Since security company does not maintain workers, they are temporarily sent for maintenance. The company itself does not have this budget. Workers are accrued by day, and company pays by day. Therefore, after workers arrive at site, they basically complete work as soon as possible, and unwilling and unable to carry out thorough maintenance. , can only be replaced or repaired indiscriminately, increasing fault to earn money from equipment replacement. Consumers cannot be satisfied in terms of repair experience and repair cost.

Proposal: Transform your business model

This industry is still stuck on a 10 year old standard, why isn't it being taken seriously? I think that changing model and raising wage standard is a real way to improve quality of workers and retain old employees.

If you want to keep people, you should increase workers' wages, and if you want to increase workers' wages, you should let security company make a profit and increase settlement price for customers. However, in current situation in industry, directly forcing customers to pay more is a death sentence for a security company! what to do? If you can't get customers to pay more, you can only change business model. The current boss is not how much money you can make if you have abilities, but how much money you can make depending on which model you have. The ultimate competition in market is competition of models. Business model of 21st century - platform + individual approach.

9 guards died in 5 months, how can service be free?

It is difficult to change consumption patterns

A reporter once interviewed a consumer named Liu. He said that he could not accept an additional installation fee of several hundred. Better let your own workers do it. Lots of technical content.

There are quite a few typical consumers, such as manager Xiang Liu, but there are many accidents caused by difference this year, and pain left behind is also regrettable.

Recently, in an engineering community in Qingdao, because a client didn't want to pay for installation, he asked his weak electrician boss to buy a camera directly from an online store and install it in wrong place. Later, camera effect was not perfect (because monitoring effect is directly related to lens, light, position height, special functions, etc.), boss asked his company's weak electricians to disassemble and assemble directly. mobility of weak electricians, lack of training and lack of manpower during operation are absent. Appropriate protection measures have resulted in large dogs bred by owner running around while walking around property, frightening owner's children, running into cables on ground when escaping and evading, and being carried up stairs due to poor electrical performance, resulting in they fell from a height of 4 m. The fall, unfortunately, was fatal.

Sweating, dusty, working at heights, life is at stake, this is a real portrait of an installer. When people enjoy a carefree and happy work and life, it is their hard work and hard work behind scenes. Here I would like to ask:

1. Can you provide regular training and psychological counseling for installers?

2. When will this industry characteristic of subcontracting and avoidance of interests, as well as subcontracting and shifting responsibility on shoulders, change?

3. When is an installer's pay proportional to salary income?

4. When will installers receive comprehensive benefits and insurance?

5. When can installers work and live with dignity?

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