November 13, 2023

Comprehensive analysis: development of security and maintenance services poses new challenges

Comprehensive analysis: development of security and maintenance services poses new challenges

Operation and Maintenance, as name implies, means operation and maintenance. Security operation and maintenance services mainly refer to maintenance and service of security systems.

After decades of development, my country's security industry has far surpassed initial stage of simple video surveillance and infrared alarm, and has gradually developed into a large number of high-tech large-scale integrated data security systems. If such a high-tech system is not managed by a professional technical service team, it will be difficult to fulfill role of security system, and even more difficult to ensure normal operation of entire system. This is basis for existence of security operation and maintenance industry and its rapid development in future motivation.

Comprehensive analysis: development of security and maintenance services poses new challenges

Business form of security and maintenance service

Although market for O&M services has a broad outlook, current O&M service for safety has not yet become systematic and industrialized, and its O&M forms can be roughly divided into following types:

One of them is quality assurance of manufacturers of security products. The quality assurance of security vendors for their products can be said to be most advanced security operation and maintenance service. Generally, warranty period is one year, and only promises free repair and replacement of equipment that fails during warranty period.

Second, quality assurance engineering companies. Security system design companies typically rely on product suppliers' quality assurance as well as line routing quality assurance, system functionality and other operational issues, which is typically a one-year warranty.

Thirdly, operation and maintenance company conducts maintenance. This type is a professional security company or a security engineering company with maintenance capabilities to maintain user's security system.

New challenges for development of security and maintenance service

1. Demand for networking equipment is growing, and intensity of operation and maintenance is increasing

The monitoring needs of many industries and some large inter-regional enterprises are not only met by local network monitoring, but also based on original local network monitoring, require provincial and even nationwide inter-regional large-scale network monitoring. . By building a multi-layer network sharing platform, vertical control and data exchange can be realized, and timeliness, accuracy and reliability of control can be improved. Convergence means that in network trend, conventional video surveillance system must not only connect and communicate with other subsystems, but also provide full data exchange and communication of control processes.

Comprehensive analysis: development of security and maintenance services poses new challenges

The current problem is that while many video surveillance systems put a lot of emphasis on quality of external equipment when setting them up, they lack management to operate and maintain them. acceptance, regular maintenance and other processes can effectively guarantee normal operation of video system.

2. O&M Opportunities and Challenges

Firstly, troubleshooting in decentralized video surveillance is often a late fix mode that cannot solve management problems well. Secondly, as number of video surveillance points increases, there will be more users and maintenance personnel. What in past could be a “one point” problem is gradually transforming into a problem of one line, many lines and surfaces. there is no model, it is impossible to form a complete closed cycle of equipment failure detection, repair report, maintenance, feedback, statistics, evaluation, etc., it is impossible to guarantee timeliness of system maintenance.

Comprehensive analysis: development of security and maintenance services poses new challenges

Combining needs of security, operations and maintenance management projects and development of Internet, there is no chance of being just a platform for disseminating information. Security is a non-standard product with low frequency of use and many factors that affect security, therefore, in order to ensure a uniform and stable service experience between security companies and customers, it is necessary to build a professional service that links entire process from data mining to transaction service. Security roles can be connected through multiple points, from a single serial connection to a parallel connection or website connection, enabling completely different business and capital flows and increasing efficiency.

Using big data for security and maintenance

There are big differences in degree of informatization and data building among security companies in our country, but in general they are relatively far from consumers. Although some of leading representative companies such as Hikvision abandoned EZVIZ series monitoring services for individual users relatively early, but compared to Internet today, due to lack of talent and technical capabilities, significance and value of big data Understanding relatively weak, and customer feedback derived from social data is difficult to integrate into services.

If data is divided into two categories, internal and external, internal data mainly includes business data and operation data, customer data, product-related design, R&D and production data, equipment data, etc. .Traditional information systems process more data. main purpose is internal data, and main purpose is to improve and improve business processes, and machinery operation log data is used relatively less; external data includes social data, partner data, e-commerce data and macro data, etc. There is relatively little data exploitation and use. Most enterprises have not only not yet connected internal and external data, but also have not achieved integration and standardization of their own internal data, and phenomenon of information islands is not uncommon.