November 13, 2023

Divide 35 billion US dollars, get a divorce! Violation? what's left of richest man

Divide 35 billion US dollars, get a divorce! Violation? what's left of richest man

Divorce is a big event in life

Divorce of richest man in world

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The richest man announces a divorce

Divide 35 billion US dollars, get a divorce! Violation? what's left of richest man

In January of this year, Bezos tweeted that he and his wife, Mackenzie, who had been married to him for 25 years, had decided to get a divorce. As soon as this tweet was sent, it immediately caused an uproar. Indeed, in eyes of public, they are an exemplary couple with love and affection. However, reason for divorce is even more confusing. Immediately after Bezos posted his divorce tweet, it was revealed that main reason behind Bezos' divorce was his affair with former TV presenter Lauren Sanchez.

Richest man status saved

Like any celebrity divorce, Bezos' property division is of particular concern to outside world, because today man is richest man in world.

According to law of state of Washington where they live, income received by either party in marriage is considered "community property". In a divorce, common property is usually divided in half. If Mackenzie Bezos does get half of Bezos' estate, then her fortune will jump to $68 billion and she will become richest woman in world. The title of richest man in world will go to Bill Gates.

Divide 35 billion US dollars, get a divorce! Violation? what's left of richest man

However, plot did not go as expected. On April 4, South's ex-wife Mackenzie posted a post on social media announcing division of property between them. She retained only 25 percent of her stake and gave her ex-husband Bezos voting rights in Amazon, Washington Post and stakes in space company Blue Origin. Mackenzie shares are estimated to be worth more than US$35 billion (235.1 billion yuan). Giving up Mackenzie kept Bezos dominating, and Bezos could still control Amazon and secure throne of world's richest man.

Bezos derailed, Amazon infringed

While Bezos's status has not fallen due to divorce, people are even more dismissive of fact that he cheated in marriage. As they say, top beam is not right, but bottom curve. Under Bezos, the development of Amazon has always been controversial. They bully, especially towards China. Amazon always does not show proper respect.

Amazon camera trademark infringement, it's still for sale

November 30, 2017 Amazon AWS launched an AI camera called DeepLens. It is a camera that is capable of deep learning and integrates AWS and AI services. As a product launched by Amazon, this camera has received a lot of attention since its launch.

Divide 35 billion US dollars, get a divorce! Violation? what's left of richest man

In fact, back in October 2015, Deep Lens trademark was registered and used by Yianfang platform in my country, and Yianfang used this trademark on their smart cameras. In particular, deep lens smart camera used by Easy Security platform also uses most advanced artificial intelligence technology. It can be said that Amazon cameras "coincidentally match" with security cameras. In China advertisements, Amazon still promotes its cameras under slogan Deeplens in China, although it knows that Deeplens trademark has been registered. It is very embarrassing to plagiarize Yianfang trademark.

Trademark infringement means that subject uses same or a similar trademark on same or similar goods without permission of trademark owner, or otherwise interferes or interferes with trademark owner's use of its registered trademark sign. Trademarks, other actions that damage legitimate rights and interests of trademark owners.

Clearly, Amazon's DeepLens AI camera is a trademark infringement on Yianfang platform. Unfortunately, this copyright infringing camera is still for sale on Amazon. It is reported that Yianfang platform will file a lawsuit against Amazon for infringement, and we will continue to pay attention to this incident.

Regarding issue of Bezos' personal relationships, everyone was just watching excitement, but as Chinese, we do not discriminate against others and seriously reject any discrimination! The Chinese have always been hardworking and kind, but that doesn't mean we won't resist! Bezos, take care of your Amazon, respect China!