November 11, 2023

Is a weak valid engineering certificate worth it?

Is a weak valid engineering certificate worth it?

What is a weak current engineer

Weakly performing engineers are smart engineers who create weakly performing engineers, who usually study at educational institutions and then pass an exam, and if they pass, they are issued a certificate.

Low current engineers mainly focus on various subsystems of low current systems (TV monitoring system, anti-theft system, access control system, intercom system, electronic patrol system, parking management system, computer network system, integrated electrical wiring system). , telephone communication system, public broadcasting system, public intelligent system, etc. have been installed and debugged, which is a very high technical level work.

Is a weak valid engineering certificate worth it?

Types of low current engineering certifications, how to apply

Acquiring titles of a low current engineer is different from other types of engineers. Acquisition of other types of engineering titles must pass relevant examinations prescribed by state. The method of evaluation is generally as follows: when employees on low current projects have some low current work experience, they can be recommended by their departments or contact local human resources department themselves, and can be obtained after review and approval by staff. supervisor.

1. Low current engineer assistant:

1. Personnel with higher education have been working in a poorly performing industry for three years;

2. Personnel with a bachelor's degree are employed in an underperforming industry for one year;

3. Personnel with a master's degree and above should not be assessed as a low current engineer's assistant.

Second, weak current engineer:

1. After receiving title of Assistant Low Current Engineer, employees with higher education and above continue to work in low current industry for four years;

2. Staff with a master's degree are engaged in an underperforming industry for two to three years;

3. Personnel with doctoral degrees were employed in a low-performing industry for one year. 3. Senior Low Current Engineer: 1. Persons with a bachelor's degree or above must continue to work in low current industry for five years after receiving title of low current engineer;

4. In principle, staff with higher education cannot apply for position of senior low current engineer.

Weak content of current engineer's normal work

1. Organize a joint review of weak current drawings, discussion and approval of engineering design and construction plan;

2. Compile technical specification documents for strong and weak electricity trades and be responsible for summarizing review opinions of various departments;

3. Coordinate and analyze weak current construction plan and construction drawing design at an early stage, and provide technical support to weak current projects or equipment bidding;

4. Manage strong and weak current projects at project site, including progress, quality, safety, investment management and delivery completion;

5. Participate in selection of low-voltage equipment and materials and acceptance of incoming materials;

6. Monitor quality of design and progress of low-current in design process;

7. Responsible for supervising and controlling quality and progress of poorly ongoing projects at construction site;

8. Coordination of general contractor, supervision and design, construction departments and other multilateral relationships in weakly ongoing construction projects;

9.Participation in reviewfriction materials completion and preliminary inspection and acceptance of completion of block projects.

How much does a weak current engineer cost?

Weak Current Engineer is not a highly sought after profession in construction industry and can only be used as a support skill, so affiliate price is not high, typically around 5000 to 8000. But is also considered very good.

However, low-performing engineering certifications tend to be from underdeveloped industries with no real skills. Dirty, those crappy certificates are useless when they go to construction site. Moreover, teachers in some educational institutions do not have any practical engineering experience. They are just small children. What can they teach you?

The certificate they issued is just a blank sheet of paper that is completely useless. If you have strength, then you can take exam for a civil engineer yourself. Now all certificates related to construction are issued by National Construction Commission. Other associations and ministries are all nonsense. Don't be fooled. Salary.