November 10, 2023

What is reason for freezing on monitoring screen?

The main cause of screen blur on monitoring screen is often that loss of a line packet causes recorder to receive incomplete video data, and lost part of video will be displayed as a blurry screen on monitoring screen. monitoring screen. In addition, quality of network cable is too low, crystal head is connected incorrectly, power of switch exceeds upper limit, etc., which may cause packet loss, screen blur, or line hang.

What is reason for freezing on monitoring screen?

1. Camera problem

If a network camera manufacturer has some defects in their own technology, network camera produced will have a relatively large latency, which makes people feel that image is stuck. If you want to restore it to normal, you can only turn camera's power off.

Suggestion: Look for a well-known brand with excellent technology and after-sales service guarantee.

2. Control equipment technology defects (switches, decoders, etc.)

Problems such as switch packet loss rate, backplane bandwidth, packet rate, etc., and insufficient decode capability of decoder will cause problems such as hanging in monitoring system.

Suggestion: Try to choose monitoring products with a good reputation, excellent technology and guaranteed after-sales service.

3. Network cable quality is too poor

The quality of network cable used is too poor, not copper material. In general, it is recommended that maximum transmission distance of ordinary national standard network cables should not exceed 100 meters, and transmission performance of low-quality network cables will be greatly reduced. If low-quality network cables are used, it may be normal at an early stage. , it is easy to cause loss of signal transmission. Packets, unplugging and plugging, image freezing and other phenomena. In this case, during construction, it is recommended to choose a good quality network cable that meets national standard.

4. Switch selection

The choice of switcher also directly affects smoothness of image on screen. If a non-wire rate switch is selected, backplane bandwidth and packet rate cannot match requirements of device, causing screen to freeze. It is recommended to use a 100M switch for less than 8 points, and a switch with a gigabit download port for more than 8 points. If number of points exceeds 200, you should consider using a basic 10-gigabit Layer 3 switch.

5. The performance of client computer is insufficient

For customers who use computer + display and storage software, computer configuration, performance of CPU, GPU, memory, etc. will affect smoothness of monitoring screen. After counting video screens, there will be a screen hang phenomenon. At this time, you can check CPU and memory usage through computer task manager. To deal with this situation, it is recommended to use a computer with a higher configuration.

6. Wrong choice of NVR and decoder

For customers who use HD network video recorders for display and storage, ability toThe decoding of selected HD NVR will also affect smoothness of picture. image freezing phenomenon. In this case, buyers are advised to choose major brand products and pay attention not to full load connection, but to live with full load indicator when buying.

7. Hardware Configuration

Many users use computer + display and storage software. Computer configuration, CPU, GPU, memory and other characteristics will affect screen fluency to a certain extent. When insufficient performance of display screen will be broken Cato phenomenon occurs.

Suggestion: Use a computer with I5CPU, 2G or higher memory as display storage device.