November 07, 2023

They all play weak electricity, why is my salary 5 times yours?

They all play weak electricity, why is my salary 5 times yours?

Thanks to Level 1 Civil Engineer Qualification Certificate!

They all play weak electricity, why is my salary 5 times yours?

Level 1 civil engineer, electrician, corresponding to low current industry, is a qualification in field of construction engineering and a prerequisite for becoming a large-scale project manager.

According to statistics, there are more than 36 million construction workers in construction industry in my country, but only about 250,000 of them have received construction qualification certificates.

They all play weak electricity, why is my salary 5 times yours?

(The above is information about hiring on a specific platform for hiring)

But everyone also knows that Yijian exam is very difficult, and its success rate is about 5%. Less than 100 days left before first building exam in 2019. How is verification going?

Memorize these jingles, you'll get 10 extra points on your exam!

Ten Do Not Crane Operation Specification

The memory of verse: crooked-handed people look for super-reliability, peace of mind and security.

(1) Do not hang when lifting heavy objects crookedly;

(2) Do not hang if there are people or floating objects on suspended object;

(3) Do not lift when job site is dark and platform, objects to be lifted, and control signals are hard to see;

(4) Don't hang an object if it's overloaded or object's weight is unknown;

(5) Do not hang if command signal is fuzzy;

(6) Don't freeze when contents of container are too full;

(7) Mounting, hanging is not strong or unbalanced, which may cause it not to hang when sliding;

(8) Do not hang if there is no spacer between corners of suspended object and steel cable;

(9) Do not hang if structure or parts are defective or damaged affecting safe operation;

(10) Do not hang with buried objects with unclear tension.

Ten Prohibited Burns Regulation for Gas Cutting and Electric Welding

Memories of catchphrase: Flying inward steals glory, but outside steals positivity.

(1) Welders are not allowed to weld or cut unless they know if there are flammable or explosive materials inside welded joint;

(2) Welding and cutting are not allowed in places where an insulating layer of combustible materials, a cooling layer, soundproof and heat-insulating equipment, or where sparks can be splashed, until practical and reliable safety measures are taken; p>

(3) It is forbidden to weld or cut pipes and containers that are pressurized or airtight;

(4) Welding and cutting are not permitted when work inconsistent with open flame work is being carried out nearby;

(5) All types of containers filled with flammable gases, flammable liquids and poisonous substances are not allowed to be welded or cut without thorough cleaning or until danger has been eliminated;

(6) It is forbidden to perform welding and cutting of parts connected to outdoor units without ascertaining presence of any danger or knowing about danger, but taking effective measures;

(7) Welders are not allowed to weld or cut without knowing surrounding conditions of welding and cutting site;

(8) Welders must have a certificate to work, and those who do not have a certificate are not allowed to weld and cut;

(9) Welding and cutting operations related to fire hazardous areasus of first, second and third levels, are not allowed to weld and cut without passing fire safety approval procedures;

(10) There are flammable and explosive materials near parts to be welded and cut. Welding and cutting are not allowed until cleaning or effective protection measures are taken.

Construction organization project content

Jingle Formula: no capital investment allowed.

(1) Overview: project overview;

(2) No (department): deployment of construction;

(3) Standard: pre-construction plan;

(4) Preliminary: construction schedule;

(5) Capital: plan for resource requirements;

(6) refers to: main technical and economic indicators;

(7) Figure: Floor plan of construction site.

Basis for preparation of a construction project quality plan

Jingle formula: graphic and text legal special design

(1) Design drawings and related documents;

(2) Documents of quality management program and requirements of enterprise and project manager's department;

(3) Engineering contract;

(4) relevant national and local laws, regulations, technical standards and regulations, and relevant building procedures;

(5) Construction organization project, special construction plan and project plan.

Basis for preparation of overall construction schedule

The formula of verse: scheme of joint venture must be determined by rules

(1) Project contract and tender documents;

(2) Resources required for project, including labor status, equipment capacity, material supply conditions, etc.;

(3) Discussion of all design and construction drawings of project and changes;

(4) The main construction plan and activities provided by project, sequence of construction, division of flow sections, etc.;

(5) Construction requirements of local building administration departments;

(6) Natural conditions and technical and economic conditions of place where project is located;

(7) Estimated (budget) information, indicators, labor quota, mechanized shift quota and construction period quota for an engineering project;

(8) Relevant technical regulations, such as current norms, regulations and technical and economic indicators.

Basis for preparing a modular project execution plan

Jingle formula: set points and quantify, timing and pattern are excellent.

(1) assemble basis for compilation;

(2) Separate build process, build section and build layer;

(3) Determine build sequence;

(4)Technical quantity calculation;

(5) Calculate amount of manpower or required number of mechanical shifts;

(6) Define duration;

(7) Draw a real construction schedule;

(8) Optimize and draw graph evolution graph buildereat.

Foundation for mechanized excavation

ringing formula: main scale of quantity, quality of current machine deep-sea transport cock.

Land volume, foundation shape, project scale, geology, site and equipment conditions, excavation depth, groundwater conditions, transportation distance, construction period requirements, and earthmoving equipment characteristics.

The registration time for first construction is expected to start from mid-late June to July. Please pay attention to check your registration information. During preparation period, pay attention to reasonable distribution of time, combine work and rest, and use scattered time to solve more issues. Let's do it together!