November 04, 2023

Common reasons why there is no image after installing monitoring

Common causes of no screen after installing monitoring

1. The network cable wiring is too long or internal resistance of network cable is too high (do not use category 5 network cables);

2. The PoE output power is not large enough (generally, power of infrared network camera with gun cable is about 3-8W);

3. Incorrect network cable connection sequence

During construction, wires were reversed and wires were too thin, resulting in a large voltage drop and analog camera could not be started. The best solution is to standardize design and use a multimeter to measure input voltage and current of camera.

The correct layout of network cable is that die head is in contact with itself, network cable is pointing down, and order of network cables is from left to right: orange-white, orange, green-white, blue, blue-white, green, brown -white, brown, above is just a line The reason for malfunction, in fact, if setting is wrong later, there will also be no picture The setting of each product is different, but it is always same. I believe it is not a big problem if you are into basically follow menu.

4. The camera and DVR are not on same network segment

5. The connector is connected incorrectly

This situation is also quite common. Professional monitoring and construction staff will handle connections very carefully, otherwise there will be more problems after sale. If joints are welded, this is normal. The screwdriver is fixed, which is prone to problems, and related problems can be solved by replacing BNC head.

6. No image output due to insufficient power supply of surveillance camera

Since power of switching power supply is insufficient, switching power supply will overheat and thermal protection will trip. The way to check is to go to scene to feel temperature of power supply. When time comes, power supply will freeze. The best way is to replace power supply with a new one.

7. The surveillance camera itself is faulty

Since only one analog camera fails, most likely cause is a failure of analog camera's internal program, which is mainly caused by a faulty reset circuit, and it can be restored after power off and restart.

Read general steps to avoid monitoring without images

1. Is power supply of camera normal?

When power is normal, power indicator on back of bolt will always be lit (power). When infrared machine closes photoresistor, infrared light will turn on and sound of switching IR cutter will be heard.

2. Ping camera's IP address to see if it can be pinged. If not, check network connection, for example, is there a problem with line, network cablemouth, crystal head, etc.

How to ping: win+R key or run window, then type cmd, name and press Enter to enter command prompt window

3. Check if camera's IP address conflicts with other IP devices on local network, and if host IP address and camera's IP address are in same network segment;

4. Is software being used appropriate for camera

5. Check with another host to make sure previous host does not support graphics card.