November 02, 2023

How much is annual maintenance fee for 100 cameras?

Why your camera needs regular maintenance

Firstly, in China, due to low threshold of security systems market, there are tens of thousands of monitoring system manufacturers and engineering companies, among which performance of monitoring system equipment is uneven, and qualifications and capabilities of monitoring systems of engineering companies are different.

This has caused quality of many monitoring system projects in China cannot be guaranteed. In order to ensure long-term stable operation of monitoring system, it is necessary to have a professional monitoring system maintenance service provider to provide comprehensive and timely monitoring system maintenance services.

Second, because monitoring system was promoted in China, because users did not pay enough attention to maintenance of monitoring system, many monitoring devices were damaged as soon as they were put into use.

In particular, management department does not pay enough attention to maintenance of monitoring system, and believes that there is no need to invest too much labor, material and financial resources, so management of monitoring system objects is ignored in management process, which leads to subsequent management and maintenance of system . At same time, many monitoring system customers do not have a complete and planned implementation plan for monitoring system maintenance.

In some places there are hundreds of monitoring devices, and they are distributed in different places.Maintenance of equipment is a difficult and important task. Make it clear. When certain equipment breaks down, professional technicians can quickly call up relevant technical parameters, performance indicators and other relevant equipment information, and take targeted maintenance measures to effectively improve equipment maintenance efficiency.

Third, when purchasing monitoring equipment, too much emphasis is placed on cost-effectiveness of equipment, while neglecting maintenance and maintenance of monitoring system and equipment at a later date

There are too many brands of monitoring equipment, too many product suppliers, and there is no manufacturer's after-sales warranty service, etc. After a period of using monitoring equipment, equipment failures continue and damage rate continues to increase. Eventually, original equipment had to be repaired. Renovation of area has led to duplication of investment and serious waste.

How much is annual maintenance fee for 100 cameras?

What does camera maintenance include?

1. Remove dust from external equipment regularly, clean rust from cable connector, and prevent circuit breakage due to excessive rust;

2. Regularly check that temperature in front equipment box is not too high and keep it ventilated and protected from rain. If weather is unfavorable for operation of equipment, inspect front-line equipment and structures more often.

3. Pay attention to ensuring dedusting and dehumidification of equipment in monitoring center, and also pay attention to checks in areas with high temperatures;

4. When duty officer detects a malfunction, he must report it in a timely manner and find out cause of problem in time;

5. Do not aim camera directly at sun to avoid damaging camera's image sensor;

6. Avoid contact of camera with oil, steam, water vapour, moisture and dust;

7. Do not use ordinary cleaning products or organic solvents to clean camera;

8. Never touch lens with your fingers. If lens needs to be cleaned, use a soft brush and blower to remove dust, and then wipe it with a lens cloth. If you wipe lens with hard paper, paper towels or tissues, it can be easily damaged.

9. Do not pull or twist connecting wire as this may damage camera;

10. If camera is not used for a long time, it is best to close lens cap or cover camera with a cloth. For camera users who choose to use CMOS lenses, due to general light transmission of CMOS, ambient light should not be too weak when using it, otherwise image effect will be affected.

How much is camera maintenance fee per year?

Different cameras have different prices and maintenance costs. For example, a good camera costs more than 1 watt. The camera supplier waives service fee for first year, but a service fee is charged from second year onwards. , operating costs and other costs, it is estimated that each camera is about 2,000 yuan per month. If it's 100, it can be assumed that service charge is also quite large.