November 01, 2023

Is PoE power supply difficult? Master these 5 points

Is PoE power supply difficult? Master these 5 points

PoE power refers to transfer of power when transmitting data to network devices without changing original network architecture. The carrier is network cable.

There are two ways to deploy PoE, one is terminal access method and other is intermediate access method. When properly deployed, it is safe, reliable, and cost effective.

In order to solve your PoE power problem, it is very important to understand these 5 points.

1. Provide sufficient power to equipment

The PoE power module used in medium access method (also take 24 ports as an example) should not be lower than 370W, and output power of 24-port PoE switch should be greater than 370W. Much depends on switch Power consumed during data exchange.

Normally, a non-PoE switch can be used to measure power consumed by switch itself, plus 15.4W per port, you can get minimum output power required by PoE switch.

Is PoE power supply difficult? Master these 5 points

2. Use an uninterruptible power supply such as a UPS

Some PoE-powered devices are often mission-critical devices, such as Internet phones. After power is turned off, voice will be completely muted and call will not be possible.

Whether it's a traditional softphone or an IP phone, it's important that it's seamless. Therefore, when designing a network, it is necessary to isolate such key equipment that cannot stop power supply or data transmission, and use uninterruptible power equipment such as a UPS for backup power to ensure uninterrupted power and data transmission.

Is PoE power supply difficult? Master these 5 points

3. Use switches that comply with PoE power standards

When deploying PoE, you need to make sure that power supply side and power receive side must be compatible with each other. Before using equipment, it is recommended that you carefully read instruction manual and its technical parameters. If this is not possible, you should contact manufacturer's technical support service to make sure that the power supply and power receiving equipment you use is compatible. together.

Is PoE power supply difficult? Master these 5 points

4. Cable characteristics cannot be ignored

When choosing, try to use higher grade cables. The higher cable class, lower power loss and higher performance.

Only four hosts are allowed between switch or hub and NIC. If passthrough method is adopted and a PoE power module is used for power, then module itself is also considered a node.

So distance from switch/hub to network card is 100 meters, not 100 meters from PoE power module to powered device, since length is not determined by power supply, but by data transmission.

Is PoE power supply difficult? Master these 5 points

5. Use a More Cost-Effective PoE Deployment Method

The terminal access method usually uses a PoE switch as power supply device. This method is recommended for a new network because topology is simple and it's not easy to make mistakes when connecting.

If you recently purchased or upgraded a switch and now want to deploy PoE devices and find that switch you just purchased does not support PoE, we recommend that you use passthrough method.

The intermediate access method is to connect a PoE power module between source switch and powered equipment that is also 802.3af compliant, and problem can be completely solved with only a small increase in cost.

Is PoE power supply difficult? Master these 5 points

In recent years, pace of development of PoE power supply technology has become stronger and stronger. With a number of advantages such as simplified installation and deployment of electrical equipment, energy saving and security, PoE power supply has become a new favorite in scenarios such as wireless coverage, security monitoring and smart grids.

As a security specialist, we must also study and update our technologies so that they do not get destroyed by time.