October 27, 2023

What do weak current rises mean

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply. It is a system device that connects battery to host and converts DC into commercial power through a modular circuit such as a host inverter. It is mainly used to provide stable and uninterrupted power to a single computer, computer network system, or other power electronic equipment.

What do weak current rises mean

UPS scope

Power supply system equipment UPS of first type of information equipment

Mainly used in: information industry, IT industry, transportation, financial industry, aerospace industry and other computer information systems, communication systems, network data centers and other security protection issues. As an important peripheral of computer information system, communication system, data network center, etc., UPS power supply is very important to protect computer data, ensure network voltage and frequency stability, improve network quality, and prevent instantaneous power failure and accidental power outage. because of causing harm to users is important.

The second type of equipment for UPS power supply system for industrial energy

Mainly used in: industrial power equipment, electric power, steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, construction, medicine, automotive, food, military and other fields, and as all equipment for industrial electrical automation systems, system equipment remote control. , high-voltage DC and AC switches, uninterruptible power supply equipment for opening and closing switches, relay protection, automatic devices, signaling devices, etc., to ensure reliability of industrial automation power supply.

Uninterruptible power supply for industrial power is a high-end product among uninterruptible power supplies, including power electronics technology for converting high power (maybe megawatt level), digital control technology, AC parallel redundancy technology, active harmonic. Obviously, general power supply enterprises cannot enter this field, and only those enterprises that already have ability to develop, produce and service high-power power electronics technologies and mass-produced products, and have accumulated relevant industrial application experience, can do well in this field. design, manufacture and service of industrial energy systems of uninterruptible power supply.

Precautions when placing UPS power supply in a weak electrical room

First, overall cooling capacity of computer room of UPS. The calculation of total cooling capacity is basically same as for IT room, including heat dissipation of equipment in UPS room, lighting load, ventilation load, structural heat load, etc. Among these, heat dissipation of UPS equipment in according to detailed conditions of different equipment.

Secondly, direction of air inlet and outlet from UPS. The UPS equipment I have seen mostly enters air in middle of fronther equipment panel and releases it from above. Therefore, whether UPS computer room uses a thin air conditioner with a top or bottom air outlet, it is a little out of place (of course, VRV air conditioners are also useful). This must be taken into account when laying out. For example, if air conditioner is very close to UPS, it will affect air intake in middle of UPS to a certain extent.

Thirdly, placement of air conditioning equipment. Since UPS common computer room is not as tidy as IT equipment computer room, most fundamental reason may be that there are many types of equipment in UPS computer room, and scales are different. Therefore, when installing air conditioner, we must pay attention to leave air outlet or return air outlet only in passage position. Do not allow wind to blow on switch cabinet, as it was already blowing directly on it, and if humidity is high, condensation will form on switch cabinet.