October 27, 2023

Thunder and lightning are frequent in summer, how to prevent lightning in safety precautions

Modern security equipment is mainly electronic products, including this electronic equipment is very sensitive to lightning, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic radiation and other interference, and is extremely vulnerable to damage. In addition, there is now a large amount of network management and outdoor equipment use, and damage from lightning strikes is becoming more and more obvious.

Thunder and lightning are frequent in summer, how to prevent lightning in safety precautions

In design and construction process, it is necessary to determine appropriate lightning protection solutions according to system characteristics of each security project, in order to effectively improve overall level of lightning protection of security system.

Three-level power system protection

In order to protect power system in safety engineering, three levels of protection must be set.

The first level SPD is installed in main power distribution board, second level SPD is installed in switchboard of computer room, third level SPD is installed on power supply end of equipment in computer room.

Under normal conditions, primary and secondary levels of power supply system are already set up, and it is only necessary to work hard on level 3 protection during construction process. With three-layer power system protection, it can completely resist lightning current entering computer room through power line and prevent lightning strikes to equipment.

Take good care of outdoor equipment

Outdoor equipment must be well protected against direct and inductive lightning strikes.

The general design often encounters lightning protection installed on outdoor cameras, it is necessary to install a small lightning rod on support rod, and also install lightning protection on power line, control line and video line of camera.

Or use a three-in-one lightning protection device to completely protect three signals. The ground wires of all types of lightning protection devices are connected to ground network below.

Potential equalization

According to principle of voltage equalization and equipotentiality, whole system connects and grounds works, protection, shielding and lightning protection of building to prevent overvoltage caused by ground potential rise due to lightning strikes.

By installing lightning protection devices and other lightning protection measures on cables, protected lines can be connected to equipotential system in a very short time, so that equipotentials of each port of safety system equipment are equal, and lightning caused by lightning in system A large amount of generated impulse energy is dissipated to ground, which reduces potential difference of each port of equipment, and can effectively protect system equipment.

Strengthen lightning protection measures

Strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations of country in process of project implementation. Lightning protection of system must be considered from bidding to acceptance. Users of system must understand harm of lightning to security system through various channels and provide sufficient funds. support . The system design and construction team shall carry out comprehensive design and construction of lightning protection in accordance with probablethe magnitude of impact of lightning on system and importance of equipment.

Lightning protection of a security system is a system project, ignoring any link in it can lead to serious security threats to entire project.

In construction process, it is necessary to raise awareness of construction personnel about lightning protection, carry out installation and construction work in strict accordance with relevant construction process standards and project documentation, and try to reduce damage caused by lightning to system from all sides through perfect design and good construction resulted in losses.