October 26, 2023

More attention is paid to installation of surveillance camera, choose right angle according to need

It can be said that everyone should be very familiar with surveillance cameras in our lives. As an important part of city's accommodation system, it has always attracted attention of many people. For surveillance cameras, location is directly related to visual effect of equipment. Therefore, many users consider surveillance effect as main guideline when choosing a location for installing a surveillance camera.

However, they overlooked a very important point: surveillance camera is not omnipotent, and it also has its own requirements in choosing a place to install, to achieve best photo effect and survival. Only after considering these very basic questions does angle become aspect that we consider. So what is best mounting angle for security cameras?

1. Setting elevation

Angled installation is a special installation method that is commonly used at entrances and exits of some underground areas, basement entrances, parking entrances, etc. This method is a special installation method chosen due to needs of site. Thus, it is necessary to take into account influence of different light sources. Avoid light interference. The protection of surveillance cameras is also worth considering in detail. Surveillance cameras should be selected with more mature light processing products.

2. Right angle installation

The installation height of security camera is close to height of face of ordinary people, fully displaying details of facial features, that is, at an angle when surveillance camera is installed at entrance and exit of building. When installed indoors, installation distance, position and height can be adjusted to achieve a flat angle. With advent of 3-axis and 2-axis adjustable dome surveillance cameras, most surveillance cameras can be installed at an angle close to flat by wall mounting. Its disadvantages are that its masking is not strong, it is easy to damage landscape of scene environment, and it is easy to be affected by light environment.

3. Setting angle of valley

Surveillance cameras in this installation method often use ceiling or lifting methods. Its advantage is that it is easy to install, conceal and avoid influence of direct light reflection. When using this method, you should pay attention to fact that angle between camera and face should not be too large, otherwise image above head will be larger and facial features smaller. The disadvantage is reduction in recognition speed. When site environment is limited, for best effect, you can choose installation distance correctly to adjust distance to object to achieve ideal angle.