October 24, 2023

Sooner or later there will be casualties in a firefight, who will protect safety of rebels

August's hottest, bloodiest and most tearful film is Heroes of Fire.

After watching, some netizens said that film is too fake, because real events are more dangerous than films. An oil pipeline exploded, igniting a 100,000 cubic meter oil tank surrounded by several oil tanks of same level, including a chemical tank area that stored highly toxic xylene. After explosion, TNT equivalent of entire port will be about More than 2 million tons, which is equivalent to 100-133 such atomic bombs!

The sky is full of flames

There is an explosion from time to time

A group of people rushed into fire, these are the most beautiful retrogrades - firefighters.

They are ordinary people. They are fathers, sons and husbands at home, but they are not shy about wearing this military uniform. The populace built a line of life for protection.

When heroes fight again and again at cost of their lives, how can we protect safety of retrogrades?

Create intelligent fire protection to protect most beautiful retrogrades

With development of society and technological progress, traditional fire management and mode of operation lag behind and limit development of fire protection industry. , Team management has "clarified" fire safety needs of modern city, a number of fire safety issues need to be addressed urgently.

The intelligent fire protection system effectively unites all forces, detects basics of fire danger, accelerates construction of urban security and fire protection and management systems, has become key to mastering fire fighting and disaster management initiative. protective measures.

Smart fire protection can prevent fire accidents at technical level, improve scientific decision-making of fire and rescue operations, and ensure personal safety of fire and rescue personnel.

In future, organic combination of "human protection, physical protection and technical protection" is one of ways to develop intelligent fire protection. Guarantee and gradual transition from human protection to physical protection and technical protection.

A fire robot fighting side by side with firefighters

Fire locations are constantly changing and modern technology is so advanced that can robots replace firefighters to get to scene of a fire and reduce casualties?

Of course!

Fire robots can not only replace fire and rescue personnel to go to place of fire hazardous, explosive, toxic, hypoxic, dense smoke and other dangerous accidents, but also collect, process and feedback data, effectively solving emerging problems. firefighters at above locations. Issues such as personal security and insufficient data collection have completely improved fire and rescue capabilities and effectiveness of troops.

Commanders on ground can make scientific judgments about emergency situation in a timely manner based on feedback results and make correct and informed decisions at scene of emergency; it is suitable for a variety of small daily dangerous fires, especially suitable for explosive class large and very large fires.

With development of next-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligence is becoming direction of "evolution" of fire robots. According to actual situation on site, robot can independently judge source of actual dangerous situation, as well as collect, process, transmit feedback, extinguish a fire, and other work. Ultimately realize goal that fire robots can replace firefighters as main force in firefighting, rather than current mere help.

Fire is ruthless, but heroes are fearless.

In times of peace, firefighters carry a heavy burden.

Cheers to every firefighter! Salute to most fearless retrograde in world.

Finally, I hope everyone is aware of fires, prevent fires and natural disasters, and minimize occurrence of fires.

Let firefighters be ordinary people and dine quietly and without a trace.

Their parents, wives and sons are waiting for them to return home.