October 23, 2023

The 2019 legal exam is coming soon and six behaviors will be banned for life with a maximum sentence of ten years.

Here it is, 2019 National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination is here. Only one day left before exam! Are you ready for objective test on August 31st and September 1st?

The legal professional qualification exam, known as China's No. 1 exam, is even harder than college entrance exam. The annual admission rate is only about 10%, and competition is extremely high.

But if you want to work in legal field, such as lawyers, judges, prosecutors and notaries, you must take this certificate, so many people use their brains. Some criminals have taken this as an opportunity to sell cheating equipment, organize people in cheating exam room, and set out on a path to "get rich".

The editor wants to seriously tell everyone that this behavior has seriously violated order and fairness of examination room and is an illegal and criminal act! After investigating and reviewing case, several years in prison for sure.

Ensuring exam integrity and combating cheating is rationale for all candidates who have worked hard. So how do you ensure fairness of test?

360° control, no place to hide small actions

Over time, observation probe entered era of ultra-high resolution. The expansion of AI capabilities has turned control probe into a “Sword of Damocles” to ensure integrity of exam.

The physical resolution of UHD sensor used in test site is 3840 x 2160, which is 4 times resolution of 1080P. This means that with same detail requirements, a 4K ultra-high definition lens can display a range of viewing angles that is 4 times that of 1080P. Say it's called 360° without a dead corner.

Biometric identification, identity verification

Now exam is no longer era of comparing faces with ID cards. Fingerprints are collected from start of registration. Ming "real body". Everyone's fingerprints are different, even if you look alike, your fingerprints will give you away. In addition to fingerprint recognition, facial recognition technology is also used in some areas.

Assembled during registration and double checked during test. ID information, registration materials, fingerprint collection information, and photos of candidates in each test area will be comprehensively reviewed and compared for consistency to ensure everything is in order.

Severe punishment by law, 10 years in severe cases

According to "Measures for implementation of National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Examination", after detection of fraud, six types of exams will be banned for life, five types will be banned for two years, and nine types will be excluded from exam. room. A total of 20 judgment methods are waiting for you. .

With regard to criminal gangs that provide radio support outside venue, they obtain content of national forensics through secret videotaping and other means, and illegally obtain state secrets. His behavior violated criminal law and amounted to crime of illegally obtaining state secrets. The allegations began after three years and ended after ten years.

Don't reach out, you'll get caught, if you reach out, are you ready to eat in prison?

So, students, don't worry about integrity of exam room, your hard work will be rewarded accordingly. If you haven't printed your test entry ticket, print it out quickly, familiarize yourself with test room in advance, and prepare stationery you need to take with you to test. Come on, you're best!

In end, I wish you all best results in plenary session and best results in exam!