October 21, 2023

How to Find Cause of CCTV Image Problems and Solve Them Quickly

Why is image whitish?

How to Find Cause of CCTV Image Problems and Solve Them Quickly

(Image source network)

1. Make sure that circle of wide-angle lens is not too large, resulting in a milky white image.

2. After checking surveillance camera, there is an additional auto focus color adjustment resistor. This is because resistor is too big;

3. Check your monitor's brightness and saturation for excessive highlighting or malfunction.

Isn't image quality very good?

a. Check for fingerprints or dirt on wide-angle lens.

b. Check if focus is adjusted.

c. Check if video cable is disconnected.

d. Check for problems with electronic shutter speed or white balance setting.

e. Check if transmission distance is too long.

f. Check if operating voltage is normal.

w. Check for sources of interference nearby.

h. When installing on an elevator, make sure that insulation layer does not interfere with elevator car.

I. Check if CS connector is connected correctly.

Color frame loss

The white balance (AWB) switch may not be set correctly, or ambient sunlight conditions may change greatly. At this time, you should check if switch is in OFF position and find ways to improve environmental standards of sun exposure. The image is distorted or geometry is out of frame

This situation may be caused by camera, monitor's geometric correction circuitry is incorrect, it may also be an optical lens problem, or characteristic impedance of connecting cable or equipment and difference between camera's output impedance mismatch. If there is a left and right position, first check common optical lens, and then check whether characteristic impedance of common cable or other connected equipment is 75 ohms.

Several vertical bars appear on interface, perpendicular to orientation

This may be caused by reflection caused by a characteristic impedance mismatch between outdoor video surveillance cable or equipment and camera. It should be noted that characteristic impedance of video surveillance cable and other used connection solutions is not for 75 ohms.

Interface is noisy

There will be following reasons

The grounding device of internal board of surveillance camera is defective;

Video brightness output is not enough;

Insufficient light intensity in natural environment;

Connecting cable loose or short circuit?

The signal-to-noise ratio of monitor itself is not very good.