October 21, 2023

Main content and precautions of environmental monitoring of data center computer room

Main content and precautions of environmental monitoring of data center computer room

Application scenario of dynamic environment detection system in data host room, network, wiring system integrated software, selection of distribution center for detection, deployment of detection server in monitoring room of statistical data host room, launching software to detect and centralize each subsystem with agreed chemical detection page. Here we are discussing topic of environmental monitoring of main computer room of a large data center.

1. Testing of electromechanical equipment

Statistical detection system of dynamic ring of main engine room. Power device detection includes all switching power equipment in statistical main engine room, such as high voltage distribution equipment, distribution room, diesel generator, junction box, UPS, DC voltage. stabilizer, power system software, battery, etc.

(1) Power supply and distribution: Statistical dynamic ring detection system in host room detects various parameters of main circuit and each sub-circuit of primary and secondary AC junction boxes. For example, operating voltage, current, frequency, active power, power factor, reactive power, apparent power, etc.; monitor power switch status of each power switch. Display and record curves of various parameters, as well as record and clear alarms for various alarm conditions.

(2) Diesel generator: dynamic ring detection system in statistical data collection room determines main parameters such as diesel generator output voltage, current, frequency (speed ratio) and temperature, oil volume, steam pressure; diesel generator real-time operation recording and processing alarms of various situations, such as engine status, petrol and diesel valve power switch, etc., control start and stop of diesel generator.

(3) UPS: When UPS dealer provides UPS communication protocol, statistical host room dynamic environment detection system can detect all parameters and conditions provided by protocol. Key parameters include I/O working voltage, current, frequency, output power, battery working voltage, storage time, temperature, etc.; conditions include ballast, inverter power supply, battery pack, dual circuit power supply, load and status of other components, display and record various parameter curves, and record and process various alarm situations.

(4) DC regulated power supply system software: dynamic ring detection system in room where statistics are stored, detects inputbattery voltage, battery voltage and status, displays information and records battery voltage, battery temperature change curve, and performs real-time measurements. recording and processing alarms for various alarm situations.

Second, testing of air conditioning equipment in Gansu

(1) Statistics The dedicated precision air conditioner for main engine room is an intelligent product because it has a smart socket and can fully determine operating parameters of central air conditioner. According to communication protocol and remote control detection board provided by precision air conditioner dealer, temperature of air supplied to precision air conditioner, humidity of air supply environment, temperature of incoming and outgoing chilled water, total flow, temperature of cooling circulating water inlet and outlet, and refrigeration plant, centrifugal water pump, main parameters such as current flow rate of water-cooled centrifugal water pump; Operation condition detection includes status of refrigeration compressor, centrifugal fan, electric heater and dehumidifier (water-cooled air conditioner can also detect additional water for storage of closed cooling tower, liquid level status in basin, closed cooling tower fan status, cooling water valve status, etc.). etc.) and other working conditions, display and record various parameter curves, and perform various alarm conditions. Instant recording and clearing of alarms. Control start and stop of central air conditioner, adjust temperature and humidity of surrounding air. Various parameters of air conditioner can be set directly through system software.

(2) Conventional central air: By changing air conditioning circuit or using infrared central air control panel to control voltage status, centrifugal fan status, refrigeration compressor status and alarm information resources, and control. The central air conditioning switches on and off depending on change in temperature.

3. Intelligent access control method

It is composed of an access control controller, a door card, an SD card reader, an electric lock, an Internet extension cable, an access control system management system software, a control computer, etc. The host room historical data detection system supports control over statistics. host room Access control, login with access information, anti-theft, alarm, and simultaneously provide a variety of connection functions (RS485, wirelessmodem, dial-up connection, TCP/IP, SMS, SP).

4. Image and Video Detection

The image detection system takes definition of video configuration and randomly inserts each security channel's images on a specific page through control setting method. For large and medium detection systems, it is standardized by online map method. It is very convenient to manage pages of statistics and images of each place. Because statistical host-room detection system and closed-loop detection are integrated, control of connection between driving force and image can be easily maintained. If any abnormal event occurs, statistical host-room detection system will automatically turn off. scene maps Like interface, real-time video recording and good work with alarm reminder and resolution.

5. Water leakage detection system

Computer room water leak detection is to detect places where water can seep into air conditioner or computer room windows. The data host room detection system immediately counts data host room to disconnect sewer pipe and sewer main water supply solenoid valve and completely blocks water channel to prevent re-drainage, and can accurately detect and check actual software of water infiltration system along with alarm information. The content has been sent to relevant technical staff in accordance with SMS messaging platform, and sound and light alarms in place.

6. Determination of temperature and humidity

According to collected environmental temperature and humidity statistics detected by temperature and humidity sensors, indoor statistics detection system records and displays real-time informational statistics with a visualized interface, temperature and humidity statistics and transition curves in each area of ​​the host room and managing its cross-border alert information resource.

Seven, checking fire protection equipment

According to alarm system of control panel or smoke detector and temperature sensor, fire alarm situation is detected in real time. alarm information in visualized interface. And do a good job of alarm notification, apply control methods such as opening and closing door to open cleaning equipment, start and stop other related equipment.

8. Lightning protection grounding system

Statistics The detection system in main computer room detects working status of power supply lightning protection device and performs real-time recording and alarm notification when lightning protection module is damaged by lightning strikes or power surges.

Indoor environmental monitoring system statistics collection software monitors operation status and operating parameters of each system equipment in real time, detects component failures or abnormal parameters, and uses a variety of lighting, video and voice, telephone control in time, SMS and other alarm methods, alarm history and event recording, provide intelligent diagnostic recommendations, remote detection management functions and Internet preview, etc. statistical data room, and to support innovative management of computer statistics room of low-voltage plant.