October 03, 2023

The Importance of Quality Security Monitoring

I assume everyone is familiar with security monitoring by now, right? After all, while we go out into street, it is not difficult to find their exquisite figures on road, in store, in elevator of floor, etc. I do not know when it started, security monitoring has gradually been integrated into our lives.

The existence of security monitoring is undoubtedly to establish "eyes of heaven" in people's lives, in order to achieve goal of "people do it, and sky is watching." Thanks to this, all criminals have nowhere to hide. Cases that happened in past can only be solved step by step by investigating various clues, which is very laborious and time consuming, but now almost all cases, large and small, cannot be solved without supervision, ranging from petty theft to robbery Murder and even car accidents require monitoring to track owner of car While safety monitoring is not a panacea, it certainly plays an important role. In current news reports, one can see such materials as "according to monitoring display" and "according to monitoring screen" everywhere. It can be seen that security monitoring has become key to solving case.

However, security control does not mean that you can live in peace, it depends on quality, and any electronic product has a service life. Security surveillance equipment like one in Nanjing University is useless at stage of replacing old and new. It loses its deterrent effect on people with evil intentions, and incidents in which students' personal security and financial security are violated by strangers or other students will be more likely.

The Importance of Quality Security Monitoring

Therefore, it is necessary to simultaneously pay attention to importance and quality of security monitoring. Speaking of quality, we mean not only quality of equipment, but also quality of services of engineering service providers. The quality of product is main factor that determines quality of entire CCTV system, only with a good product quality will entire CCTV system perform better. A few days ago in Shekou residential area, Shenzhen, owner forgot to close door when he went out to buy breakfast, but because of this, he "brought home thieves" and lost more than 20,000 yuan. After that, police turned on video surveillance and quickly locked woman in. The thieves and characteristics of thief are so clear in video, as if separated by a layer of glass.

The Importance of Quality Security Monitoring

Currently, competition in China is high, and many security system development companies have closed down after opening for a period of time, and after-sales service and maintenance that should have been in charge of them have also disappeared. , It is easy to detect phenomenon that monitoring system is abandoned. In addition to providing follow-up services, we also need to pay attention to details in postal service. A whole batch of cameras, such as Nanjing University, are in process of replacing old and new, and time is relatively long, so there is nothing to be done if an accident occurs. In short, whether it is product quality or service quality after process, only when quality is good can safety monitoring system play its true role.

We must highly value importance and quality of security monitoring, because quality security monitoring plays an indispensable role in life. Of course, although it is said that with security monitoring we can have a certain explosion for our daily life, but relying only on it is absolutely impossible. In order to effectively control violations of personal security, general public's security awareness must be raised so that public has opportunity to protect themselves and perpetrators have fears so that appearance of a peaceful society can be created. is displayed.

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