October 03, 2023

Development of video surveillance for vehicles.

With continuous development and improvement of technology, monitoring industry is now applied to vehicles. When it comes to in-vehicle monitoring, traditional automotive industry mainly uses conventional DVR plus analog camera architecture, which has advantage of low cost and less focus on other aspects of video surveillance system. With advent of networks and networks, vehicle monitoring industry is gradually developing towards high-end. Many users are not only satisfied with manual monitoring, but also need intelligent monitoring. The intelligent analysis system must process high-definition images to achieve intelligent effects, otherwise it will not be able to provide intelligent processing. The dramatic increase in image clarity brought about by high resolution will have clear benefits in vehicle monitoring in future. It is obvious that high-resolution image effects vehicle monitoring will inevitably become mainstream of future intelligent monitoring market, further raising threshold of vehicle monitoring industry and playing a positive role in orderly development of entire vehicle monitoring industry.

Development of video surveillance for vehicles.

The advantage of intelligence is that it can provide more value-added applications for specific needs of vehicle monitoring industry. It's hard to get evidence if it's not clear, and it's easy to feel tired on screen; however, intelligent screen vibration suppression can solve such problems, and in field of public transportation, intelligent systems such as passenger flow statistics, face recognition, and license plate recognition can also provide better assistance in background operations.

As more and more industry users pay more and more attention to vehicle monitoring systems, vehicle monitoring is gradually evolving from a simple video surveillance system to a professional solution. For example, on-board monitoring in public transport is part of overall operation and dispatch system, in video monitoring, it must also be integrated with other system equipment (GPS positioning system, electronic station announcement, card reader, speed radar, license plate recognition, etc.) ) for approval. System integration requires a collaborative effort between vehicle monitoring manufacturers and market users to produce system-integrated products that meet needs of industry users.

Development of video surveillance for vehicles.

The existing security equipment in industry is very mature, but there is still a significant gap in development of software system. The various subsystems do not match, standards are not unified, and they cannot be integrated together. At present, development trend of car wireless monitoring in industry is moving towards high-definition, intelligence and integration. The promotion of industry standardization requires the joint efforts of everyone.

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