October 03, 2023

The Role of Video Surveillance Software

With continuous upgrade and iteration of security monitoring system, due to advent of intelligent technology, monitoring platform management software has gradually evolved from a silent supporter to leader of monitoring system. Without video monitoring software, it's like having eyes of surveillance society unable to tell right from wrong.

The Role of Video Surveillance Software

In traditional security monitoring composition, software can only passively adapt to hardware, trying to build a bridge between hardware in network monitoring environment, but cannot monitor various related network monitoring components in terms of Monitoring entire network Overall architecture optimization, perhaps it has become factor hindering development of network monitoring.

However, with creation and development of security projects in our country, development of monitoring platform management software has developed significantly, turning from a pure video surveillance management platform into a comprehensive security management platform. began to integrate alarm communication, GIS, intelligent search, video analysis and other functions. The monitoring and control platform software has also become most dynamic and widely used software in security software development.

In security monitoring system, platform software is equivalent to human central system, which plays role of data collection, intelligence analysis, decision support and dynamic response. It can be seen from this that in order to fully show role and effectiveness of security monitoring system, in addition to main hardware modules, platform software is key, core and command height.

The diversification and differentiation of products will be reflected in platform software, followed by a major transformation of manufacturers focused on industry solutions, system integration, security operations, and services driven by market renewal.

That is to say, from providing technology-oriented hardware products to manufacturers providing middleware and system solutions, it is different from traditional product marketing model and is a completely new solution marketing. Objectively speaking, this is new core competitiveness.

The Role of Video Surveillance Software

Judging by current situation with development of internal security, security monitoring software has become a new growth point for manufacturers; According to overseas research by ABIResearch, market size of video surveillance software will grow from US$245 million in 2008 to US$900 million. million US dollars in 2013. A good set of video surveillance software should have good compatibility, powerful features, and be suitable for open platforms.

The security surveillance industry is entering stage of industrialization, personalization, high definition and intelligence. The requirements for video surveillance software are also higher. The eyes are mirror of soul. Why can't we use software to skip more ideas? How about "eyes"?

At present, security monitoring industry is moving towards a more intelligent, personalized, high-resolution development path, and demand and requirements for software will become higher and higher. We can use software to reflect more ideas in this Smart Eyes!

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