October 02, 2023

About Installing Security Monitoring

For details of setting up security network monitoring job, below is a summary of some of details for you to review!

1. Camera power supply

The power supply of camera is adapted to local conditions and can be centralized or local, depending on conditions on site.

Secondly, installation locations of CCTV cameras in different places

The layout of cameras in parking lots, stairwells, elevators, supermarkets, hotels and other places.

3. How to install camera

Bracket installation, rod (column) installation, lifting, ceiling, embedded installation.

4. IP address Before starting construction, plan and register IP addresses of all equipment (IPC/NVR/computer server, etc.) in network monitoring system, including source network equipment (computer, network printer, etc.), it is recommended do not automatically obtain an IP address to prevent IP address conflicts with source equipment on network [IPC uses client software provided by seller through a computer, or directly accesses its IP address using a browser to change IP].

5. Transmission distanceThe maximum transmission distance should be considered in advance: maximum transmission distance of five types of network cables is 100 meters, maximum transmission distance of multimode fiber in a gigabit network is 1100 meters. and maximum transmission distance of a single-mode fiber in a 10-gigabit network. The maximum network transmission distance is 60 kilometers. Wiring should be insulated as much as possible to ensure line life and ease of maintenance. If line is too long, try using optical fiber. Regardless of analog wired control or network monitoring, there is a need for wiring, and length of line will have a big impact on signal transmission. When connection is good, when we use coaxial cables over 300 meters, unshielded CAT5e network cables over 120 meters, and shielded network cables over 100 meters, it is best to use optical fiber, otherwise there will be signal transmission problems. However, if you are not familiar with optical fibers and cannot find a way to splice optical fibers for a while, and insist on using network cables or coaxial cables, you need to increase appropriate signal amplifier for transmission, but you must also pay attention to transmission distance.

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