October 01, 2023

Hotel Security Solution

Building chain hotel security systems is a chaotic and confusing area for security industry. Some consider this to be in category of smart buildings, and some consider smart home to be most common hotel security application. In fact, this is not case. Hotel information construction includes construction of hotel security. The security system is based on hotel building as a carrier. It is a complex technical protection zone system built to ensure safety of people, property and other objects. aspects of hotel, main value of which lies in “security alert”, which is part of hotel information system subsystem.

The development of hotel security system has gone through two stages: traditional security system and intelligent stage. The traditional security system involves use of video surveillance technology to monitor and record key areas of hotel. The intelligent stage refers to integration of alarm, access control, monitoring, guest control, universal card, elevator control and other systems into hotel structure to create an intelligent security system inside hotel. The hotel security system is an integral part of future smart hotel. At present, hotel security has entered second stage. In this stage, hotel security will be explained.

Existing CCTV systems in hotels usually stop at conventional CCTV as well as some related fire protection, alarm and other systems. In terms of security and customer protection, little effort is required and is mainly used to ensure security of hotel itself.

1. Noise detection

In semi-enclosed public areas such as corridors and stairs, cameras that support sound detection are used, and a certain decibel threshold is set according to hotel's own situation. Platform alarm for operation and maintenance;

2. Comparison of front side of card

The guest room authorization card uses method of comparing people cards and linking alarms. When there are emergency cards, foreman cards and other high authority cards in and out of hotel elevator card reading system, elevator camera will detect face and upload it to face recognition server, and recognition information will appear directly on work observation platform and service and automatically. Relevant information is stored to prevent appearance of inconsistent cardholders, internal or external illegal cardholders entering room in violation of rules;

3. Cascade Control

For hotel networks, you can use branch-headquarters cascade method for video monitoring. The branch may carry out day-to-day management and control of hotel, butwhen there is alarm information or high-level operation, information will be simultaneously uploaded to headquarters platform for management, control and storage, to prevent regional personnel from violating rules and affecting brand image.

4. CCTV systemAccording to key areas such as checkout counter, lobby, elevator, corridor, parking lot, kitchen, etc., audio cameras, close-up panoramic cameras, elevator dome cameras, starlight cameras and other equipment are selected accordingly Maximize monitoring effect, reduce monitoring blind spots, and ensure that effective event records can be requested after an event has occurred.

Hotel Security Solution

ParkingThe intelligent vehicle barrier system can quickly detect license plate, and indoor vehicles will automatically open barrier, and vehicles will pass automatically. Rows of parked cars

Hotel entrance

The people counting camera can not only count number of people entering and leaving hotel, but also provide data reports based on statistical results, which is convenient for users to analyze business status of hotel and predict outage. Peak of season.

Restaurant kitchen

Perform high-definition video surveillance in areas such as food storage, food preparation, dishwashing, and dining areas to ensure food safety in production process and dining areas.

Cash counter

The cashier is prone to verbal conflicts and money disputes. Install an audio dome camera at checkout to record audio and video in sync to provide evidence to resolve conflicts and disputes.


The elevator is equipped with specialized high-resolution equipment, which is convenient for monitoring situation in elevator and calming trapped people, and then recovering accidental failure process.


The hotel lobby has an open stage and an ultra-high definition fisheye camera is installed to provide a 360-degree viewing angle to observe overall picture of lobby and ensure security of lobby.

Attendance system

The integrated attendance system can check attendance by facial recognition, fingerprint, IC cards and other methods required by hotel staff.

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