October 01, 2023

How to build a smart parking management system and what are its main applications?

At present, most cities are facing problem of difficult parking, and advent of smart parking system has also made everyone see the development of technology.

How to build a smart parking management system and what are its main applications?

With passage of time and technology, problem of difficult parking has been alleviated to a certain extent. The parking companies have been really hard at work on this issue. The license plate recognition system has been tested by market. , will gradually lead development trend of parking system, and intelligent parking system is also widely welcomed by everyone. So, how to build an intelligent shutdown control system?

System design

How to build a smart parking management system and what are its main applications?

Composition of system

1. Managing Entry and Exit

The entry and exit management system mainly controls entry and exit of vehicles, using a combination of electric vehicle stop equipment and license plate recognition module, and integrating and linking equipment. Combined with free parking space monitoring, parking time calculation or limitation, and enhanced theft/fraud protection features, system can more effectively identify and manage vehicles entering and leaving facility.

How to build a smart parking management system and what are its main applications?
  1. Vehicle login process

When a vehicle enters a field, camera is triggered by video detection, radar or trigger coil and an image of license plate is captured. The license plate is obtained from image using license plate recognition system, and number is entered into database for comparison. If it is a user's temporary vehicle, store acquired vehicle information and entry time into system database, and raise pole to release it. If it is a fixed user car, check if information is correct, save entry time into system database, and then raise pole to release. If information verification fails or fixed parking period has expired, it will be put into manual control. extension or temporary driving of user's vehicle. In addition, if there is no more room at event venue, message "parking space full" will be displayed on information screen at entrance and exit to help vehicle leave. When vehicle leaves field, vehicle information, parking information, charging information, etc. will be broadcast and displayed on information display.

The smart parking system is mainly reflected in:

1. Convenient and fast to use;

2. The system is sensitive and reliable;

3. The equipment is safe and durable;

4. Can accurately distinguish between own vehicles, foreign vehicles and special vehicles;

5. Immediate charge for parking and other related fees to increase revenue;

6. Charge regular customers in advance for parking;

7. Prevent cases of refusal to pay for parking;

8. Don't let toll collectors cheat for personal gain and charge indiscriminately;

9. Automatic design, quick access to vehicles, upgrade class and efficiency, provide quality, safe and automatic parking services;

10. Reduce management staff costs, improve work efficiency and economic benefits;

11. The system is highly scalable and can easily expand long-distance parking charging function and automatic license plate recognition function.

The intelligent parking system integrates inductive smart card technology, computer network, video surveillance, image recognition and processing, and automatic control technology to automate management of vehicles in parking lot, including vehicle identification, access control, automatic license plate A. a series of scientific and efficient operations, such as recognition, parking space search, parking space guidance, oncar meeting reminder, image display, vehicle type check, timing, fee collection and check, voice communication, automatic card output (receive) and so on. These functions can be flexibly removed or added according to needs of users and actual site situation to form luxurious, standard and economical parking management systems and vehicle management systems of various scales and levels.

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