September 30, 2023

Secure Campus Security Solution

Campus security, as a relatively important part of national public safety, has always received special attention. Over past two years, national and local governments have successively issued a series of policies, regulations, and standards to strengthen campus safety management, proposing to continuously improve human, physical, and technical security of school to create a "safe campus." .

Installing and updating surveillance equipment in public areas of campus is an important part of this. I think everyone has experienced this. Walking around campus, you can see surveillance devices everywhere, such as cameras on road. placed on side of road, etc.

Monitoring is mainly distributed in densely populated public places, such as main roads in campus, foyer of main buildings and surrounding buildings, important research institutions and public educational institutions. Their important function is to monitor changes in environment 24 hours a day to protect property safety of students. Let's look at benefits of campus security.

Secure Campus Security Solution

Campus Safety Features

The school security system has something in common with regular security, but also has many of its own characteristics and requirements:

1. Lots of Viewpoints: The school is densely populated, requiring every corner of campus to be monitored. Therefore, it is necessary to install sounding cameras in corridors, hallways and ceilings of each dormitory in school, but surveillance area does not include dormitory interior, so as not to encroach on privacy of students.

2. Large monitoring area: Schools usually have a large campus area with many monitoring points. The system must support a variety of wiring methods. It is best to use existing lines or charge multiple subsystems so that they are relatively independent, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.

3. Remote alarm required: When students and teachers leave school, remote mobile alarm can be activated. In event of personnel intrusion at each surveillance point, alarm can be uploaded to network monitoring center through network, and image will automatically switch to scene, and automatic recording is easy to accept measures on time.

4. Can prevent school violence: When school violence occurs or is likely to occur, staff at all levels can press emergency call button to call 110 emergency center to prevent or stop school violence.

5. Accidental Injury Evidence Gathering: Students should be able to videotape all monitoring points on school days so they can take initiative to provide evidence in event of an accidental injury.

6.It can also be used for other purposes: security system must be combined with daily work of school in order to maximize its effect.

Application and functions of campus security system

The campus security system with campus network as core can make full use of existing lines or, depending on complexity of wiring, use different equipment in school at same time and set up multiple subsystems. Currently, video surveillance system is in process of transformation from a DVR-oriented structure to a distributed, networked, intelligent and decentralized system based on each video point. The alarm system develops from a separate system or an auxiliary part of a video system to a video system as two important components of a security system and integrated into a single whole, gradually becoming a new standard for security system design.

Structure of campus monitoring system

Secure Campus Security Solution

Monitoring Center System Structure

Secure Campus Security Solution

Composition of campus monitoring system

The campus security system consists of three parts: entrance equipment, signal transmission and observation room;

1. Interface equipment includes various surveillance cameras, infrared radio alarms and panic buttons for collecting external information; alarm system can communicate with video surveillance;

2.Monitoring room realizes unified management and control of monitoring system, and is responsible for storing and recording video images. The monitoring client realizes access, control and management of monitoring system through monitoring system client software;

3. Image quality and effect of using a monitoring system are closely related to signal transmission, so the appropriate signal transmission method must be considered when designing.

The entire campus monitoring system can be divided into three lines of defense:

Secure Campus Security Solution

Design of alarm system

The function of burglar alarm system is to use various types of detection devices to arm peripheral area or interior of building. It can detect illegal intrusion and alert relevant personnel in time when illegal intrusion is detected or panic button is pressed. activated actively. Security personnel determine location of intruder and promptly take appropriate measures. In addition to modern signaling equipment, a complete security system should also include trained forces and rapid reaction forces, that is, security forces that combine human protection and technical defense to carry out an important security task.

The block diagram of security alarm system is as follows:

Secure Campus Security Solution

Composition of alarm system

The alarm system consists of following parts:

1) Alarm detector: detection and execution equipment responsible for detecting illegal intruders;

2) Alarm Control Center: Responsible for arming and disarming, responding to alarms and communicating with other systems.

According to requirements of specification, response time of system to an alarm from each detector that sends an alarm signal to system host, notifying occurrence of an alarm, is ≤1 second.

Monitoring and linking alarms

The external alarm device is connected to alarm input port of hard disk DVR, which is linked to video image and triggers sound and light alarm through signal quantity. After alarm input port receives alarm information, it generates corresponding communication information. The signaling block diagram is shown in the figure.

Secure Campus Security Solution

Alarm management

Unified management of all alarms, such as technical protection network alarms, motion detection alarms, video loss alarms and equipment status alarms, is realized through alarm server;

You can define alarm sources and linking rules, automatically link live video and start recording with alarm mechanism, start local sound, light, door and other equipment, and send various alarm information to various controls enterprise;< /p>

After receiving an alarm, it can automatically link video to a predefined linked viewpoint, automatically start preset dome position, or manually select image of nearest viewpoint to view and record video with verification;

All alarm information is automatically stored in a database that can be counted, queried and printed, and video data can be retrieved from alarm events;

Through definition of alarm and communication rules, alarm information can be sent to relevant duty personnel and supervisors via mobile phone text messages;

Information such as system crash and disk wipe can also be sent to system maintenance personnel via mobile phone text messages, and maintenance personnel will be notified to arrive at site in time for maintenance and processing.

The construction of "Safe Campus" is inseparable from school's careful investment and silent dedication of staff involved. But even with an ideal security system, it is important to strengthen your own security awareness. I hope that friends will increase their awareness of safety and protection of rights.

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