September 29, 2023

What is difference between a smart lock and a regular lock? Installing a smart lock, how much do you know?

With development and popularization of smart locks, more residents and developers are using smart locks. At present, ordinary mechanical door locks are mainly used indoors, and anti-theft door locks are intelligent locks. Smart locks do not have a keyhole, which is more secure in comparison. The quality of a mechanical lock mainly depends on material of lock cylinder and number of balls.

There is a big difference between conventional door locks and smart access control locks. Smart locks differ from traditional mechanical locks in that mechanical locks are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security and manageability, and are executive part of smart locks in an access control system. Unlike traditional mechanical locks, smart locks are safe, convenient and technologically advanced composite locks. Household smart door locks, not only use of lock cylinder is difficult, but some fingerprint locks require fingerprints to open, and even a smart thief is helpless against a lock without a keyhole. The intelligent door lock has a variety of alarm modes, low voltage alarm to avoid battery power failure, error alarm, fingerprint password input error, automatic alarm. Multiple protections to avoid malicious damage and accidents. The security level has been greatly improved.

Let's take a look at mobility and security that smart locks can give us.

1. What type of lock is a smart access control lock?

Smart locks differ from traditional mechanical locks in that they are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and control, and are actuating components of a door lock system.

Is this most common fingerprint lock, combination lock or smart lock? not completely. Smart locks can include fingerprint, unlock, iris, and other unlock methods, but they shouldn't be only unlock feature. Simply changing function of a button is not wise. Since future smart home must be able to interconnect, how to realize interconnection and remote control with only one smart lock? A connection to a mobile terminal is also required.

In fact, true intelligence in our ideal should be that even without a mobile terminal, one can actively sense certain objects in house, intelligently analyze next needs and actions of owner, and then prepare in advance for maintenance.

Now we are far from this level, but at least we can make our current life more comfortable and safer.

Second, why should we replace regular lock

From a security point of view, ordinary anti-theft lock cylinders are unlikely to withstand increasingly sophisticated thieves. Video surveillance has repeatedly demonstrated that most anti-theft locks on market can be opened in tens of seconds without leaving any traces. Smart locks are somewhat harder to break than anti-theft locks.

From a functional point of view, current anti-theft lock is a locking function, but in fact, we can find more uses for a door lock. For example, back up a virtual key for a door lock that only you can remove, check if elderly and children returned home safely after leaving, and send an alarm if there is a security breach at home.

3. What types of smart locks for access control currently exist?

Smart lock cases can be divided into following three types:

1. Self-spring lock body: When car door is fully self-locking and fully locked, deadbolt will automatically extend. And it is blocked automatically, which is most convenient.

2. Anti-lift lock body: after closing door, you need to lift handle back to push deadbolt. That is, after closing door, it is necessary to manually lock door, that is, in fact, unlock lock mechanically.

3. Electronically controlled lock body: after door is closed, electronic sensing part turns locking bolt. Automatic locking, locking bolt of this lock body is small, and sky and earth rod must be removed during installation.

Fourth, what to look for when buying smart access control locks

1. Pay equal attention to appearance and function.

Smart access control locks are durable home products that are used for various doors. Therefore, first design principle of intelligent access control lock consists of two words: simplicity. Many smart locks are designed to be large and products to be luxurious, but once installed on door, they are often very intrusive, especially attracting attention of people with ulterior motives.

2. Material, structure and precision of mechanical lock cylinder.

Selected smart locks include mechanical lock cylinders. The anti-theft performance of mechanical lock cylinders depends on three aspects: first, material of lock nail, stronger material, better; secondly, from structure of castle. Lock cylinder, each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages is that combination of several different structures is much better than a single structure, third, processing accuracy, higher accuracy, better performance.

3. Intelligent

As mentioned at beginning of this article, a smart lock can act as a lock with a switch. If it can be connected to a smart mobile terminal device, more functions can be realized. Not only to realize need to unlock, but also to understand home security situation more fully and intuitively.

4. After-sales service

Relatively speaking, if it is a household smart lock, it can get a relatively fast after-sales response. Consideration should be given to professional skills of customer after-sales service personnel and speed of feedback on problems.

Fifth, installation of intelligent access control locks requires attention

1. The thickness of door must be suitable

Door thickness requirements when installing smart door lock: semi-automatic smart door locks require a door thickness of 40mm to 100mm, and full-automatic door locks require a door thickness of 50mm or more. This is mainly due to different designs of door locks.

2. The space at door should be large enough

Many people don't understand this question. When installing a smart lock on a fence type anti-theft door, size of interior space of anti-theft door is very important, and attention should be paid to whether lock body is suitable.

3. The door itself is relatively stable

Generally speaking, all are installed on an anti-theft door, but some are installed on a wooden door. Wooden doors that have been in use for a long time are not suitable for installation. Because, firstly, material itself may not be very strong, secondly, drowning will cause switch to become unstable, and smart door lock is easy to damage during use.

Of course, there is another situation when door material is of poor quality, and steel sheet is too thin. Such a door body is probably not suitable for installing a smart lock, since installer's mounting screws can deform door when installing lock. At present, quality doors worth more than 1000 yuan in market can withstand test of smart locks.

Before installation, you must measure size of door and lock body yourself, so that you can easily evaluate lock body and model, and installer can quickly install it on your door. There are currently 24 or 30 national standard lock bodies on market. If your lock body is a special lock body, you may need to make appropriate changes during installation process. The installer will inform you in advance of specific issues. As a consumer, To understand above points.


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