September 28, 2023

Is it safe to access community facial recognition system? Let's see together

There are a certain degree of potential security threats in community, such as food vendors handing out flyers, strangers, and unfamiliar vehicles that come and go at will, creating huge potential security threats. Traditional access control systems typically use access cards, fingerprints, and passwords. All these identification methods have common features such as high security vulnerability, access control cards are easily forgotten and lost, and possibility of copying is high. People have always assumed that fingerprint identification and door card identification are relatively secure. In fact, you can still buy codes that respond to fingerprint covers and door card keys online.

With development of science and technology, as well as artificial intelligence technology, traditional access control system has also improved greatly. More and more communities are opting to install facial recognition access control, which plays a vital role in community security. So is facial recognition access safe? The answer is positive.

Face recognition systems generally use most advanced face recognition computing solutions and use high-speed computing chips as computing platform for face recognition algorithms. When face recognition system is applied to access control, it only needs to add resident's mobile phone number, ID card and face image in background control. People who have not registered information in system cannot enter and exit freely, effectively preventing strangers from entering and exiting at will, and strengthening community security management. It can swipe faces of a fixed group of people in community, and visitors can also go in and out to swipe their faces after registering or by comparing identities. When a user enters recognition area, they can be automatically recognized, and system will quickly respond and compare them with face recognition database. If successful, door will automatically open. Residents can freely enter and exit without reaching out to insert keys, enter a password, or press fingerprints to achieve intelligence.

Face recognition technology used in face recognition access control uses regional feature analysis algorithm, integrates computer imaging technology and biometric identification principle, uses computer image processing technology to extract portrait feature points from video, and uses biometric identification principle, t i.e. faces. feature pattern analysis establishes a mathematical model. Use set face feature template and subject's face image to perform a feature analysis, and specify a similarity value based on analysis results. This value can be used to determine if it is same person. The system can also determine if person in front of camera is a real person or a photo, preventing users from faking photos.

Currently, many smart communities prefer to use facial recognition access control. The reason why face recognition access control can be accepted by market in a short time is mainly because face recognition access control system has large storage space, live body recognition, infrared binocular detection, anti-camera, anti-video and other advantages . In addition to facial recognition access control, it can even performface recognition, facial recognition attendance and other scenarios, and can be widely used in communities, office buildings, offices, scenic spots, etc. e. Facial recognition access control has its own platform and core algorithm that supports attendance and visitor management. The software platform, with independent intellectual property rights, integrates functions such as offline face recognition, mask recognition, witness verification, card swiping to open door, and cloud intercom. Applications such as access control, attendance, and visitor authentication can be implemented in everyday applications, which provides convenience for people to live and work. The face recognition system allows owners to enter and exit freely without any recognition equipment, and outsiders cannot enter at will, which greatly improves security of community owners, so face recognition access control systems are becoming more and more popular.


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