September 27, 2023

What problems should I pay attention to when docking outdoor LED screen

At present, with growing popularity of LED screens, more and more LED splicing screens are appearing on streets and alleys of large cities. However, in installation process of splicing LED screens in many places, there are still potential safety hazards caused by some overlooked details, which will lead to safety accidents in serious cases.

In security applications, most important and critical systems in entire system are splice LED screens, full color display controllers, control computers, optical fibers, audio hardware and control software.

During implementation process, owner pays more attention to technical requirements of these major core components. At same time, these system countries also have relevant production standards and product quality control institutions, and product quality is relatively reliable.

Therefore, in order to get more benefits, many manufacturers often lower steel structure design standards, lower wire rod standards, use low-quality steel materials, and create a risk of accidents, and these points have become issues that engineers have to pay for. special attention to.

1. Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Large Screen Installation

1. The large splicing LED screen is often exposed to sun and rain outdoors, and working environment is harsh. Damp or extremely damp electronic equipment can cause short circuits or even fire, resulting in malfunctions, or even fire, resulting in losses.

2. Large LED screen can be damaged by strong electricity and strong magnetic field caused by lightning.

3. The large screen outdoor LED splicing area usually ranges from a few square meters to tens or even hundreds of square meters, which affects display effect.

4. The ambient temperature varies greatly. When an LED is on, it gives off a certain amount of heat. If ambient temperature is too high and heat dissipation is poor, integrated circuit may not work normally or even burn out, so that display system cannot work normally. But in winter, ambient temperature is too low, so display system cannot start.

2. Outdoor LED Screen Installation Precautions

1. Installation of steel structure

Because steel frame structure carries large LED screen, its strength must be ensured during installation to ensure wind and earthquake resistance. Typically, outdoor LED screens have a large installation area, and most of them are installed in crowded places. When designing itThere are many factors to be taken into account when designing an efficient design, such as foundation, wind load, water resistance, dust resistance, moisture resistance, ambient temperature, lightning protection, population density, etc. At same time, auxiliary equipment such as electrical cabinets, air conditioners, exhaust fans, lighting equipment etc. It also requires equipment for the maintenance of metal structures.

In addition, installation of scaffolding is an important link in process of erecting metal structures. It must be ensured that plan is subjected to rigorous design calculations and program demonstrations prior to erection of scaffolding to ensure that site is built to specifications and reviewed from time to time to address any remaining safety concerns. as a result of scaffolding.

2. Install lightning protection devices on display screens and buildings

The main body and body are well grounded, and grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms, which can discharge large current caused by lightning in time; The display screen may be affected by strong electricity and strong magnetism caused by lightning. .

3. Electricity specification

The construction site must adopt a three-level power distribution system, must adopt a TN-S zero connection protection system, and must also adopt a two-level leakage protection system. In construction process, avoid turning three-level power distribution into a two-level power distribution, incorrect position of protective earth line terminal, and unequal position and time of earth, which will hide hidden safety hazards. construction.

4. Waterproof and moisture resistant

Moisture protection of LED screen itself The screen body and joint between screen body and building must be strictly waterproof and sealed; screen body must have good drainage, and when water accumulates, it can be drained smoothly; pay attention to waterproof and moisture resistance. The display screen is installed outdoors, often exposed to sun and rain, wind will blow off dust cover, and working environment is harsh. Damp or extremely damp electronic equipment may cause a short circuit or even fire, resulting in malfunctions or even fire, resulting in loss;

The outdoor LED display is installed outdoors, often exposed to sun and rain, wind blows a dust cover, and working environment is harsh. If electronic equipment is damp or very damp, it may cause a short circuit or even a fire. , causing failure or even fire, resulting in loss, so screen housing and connection between screen housing and building must be strictly waterproof and sealed; The screen body must have good drainage measures, and in case of water accumulation, it can be discharged smoothly, pay attention to waterproof and moisture resistance. It is worth noting that minimum protection level (front/back) of outdoor LED screen is IP65, which cannot be lower than this protection level.

6. Ventilation and heat dissipationThe outdoor LED screen should be equipped with ventilation equipment for cooling, so that indoor temperature of screen is -10°C ~ 40°C. An axial fan is installed above back of screen to dissipate heat, when outdoor LED display is working, it will generate a certain amount of heat. If ambient temperature is too high and heat dissipation is poor, integrated circuit may not work properly or even burn out, causing LED display system to malfunction. Choose industrial grade IC chip with -40°C to 80°C operating temperature to prevent large screen system from starting due to low temperature in winter.

7. Use wire

The larger area of ​​the LED display, greater power consumption and higher requirements for wire stability. Only wires that meet requirements of national standards can guarantee their safety and stability. Among many wire products, three requirements must be distinguished: wire core is a conductive carrier of copper wire, cross-sectional area tolerance of wire core is within normal range, and insulation and fire resistance of rubber covering wire core must meet national standards.

8. Choosing a Power Distribution Cabinet

Outdoor networked LED screens are usually powered by 220V AC, which requires mains voltage fluctuation to be less than 10% and ensure system is well grounded. For displays with an electrical power of more than 10 kW, a special distribution cabinet must be equipped. The power distribution cabinet with remote control function or PLC control function can be selected according to needs. The power distribution cabinet with PLC control function is more intelligent. The LCD controller can be used to remotely control switches of outdoor LED screen, air conditioner, fan and other equipment on screen. At same time, it can control ambient temperatureenvironment inside screen and brightness of environment outside screen in real time, corresponding alarm information. In outdoor LED screen, general environmental conditions are bad, it is recommended to use a PLC controlled power distribution cabinet. In indoor screen project, environment is good, the space is limited, and it can be controlled without PLC.

In order to prevent fire from leakage, a leakage switch must also be installed on main switch of incoming power line. The monitoring interface of LCD controller in power distribution cabinet can display real-time temperature on display. In automatic mode, when internal temperature of screen is over 65 degrees, monitoring screen will prompt that temperature is too high, LCD controller will give an alarm, and system will automatically turn off power to prevent fire. Depending on situation, a smoke detector can be installed on display screen. When a fire occurs on display screen, corresponding operational information will be displayed on monitoring interface, and at same time, power distribution system will be automatically shut down.

9. High quality fuel assemblies

In order to ensure long distance visibility in strong ambient light, ultra high brightness LEDs should be selected. Increase contrast. Wide audience, long viewing distance and wide field of view; ambient light can vary greatly, especially in direct sunlight. With a 100,000+ hour lifespan, media outer packaging is currently most popular square cylinder with shielded edges, silicone seals, and no plating assembly. Its appearance is exquisite, beautiful, strong and durable, it has characteristics of direct sunlight protection, dust resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance and short circuit resistance.

In fact, if you are not unilaterally pursuing maximum benefit from project, you can reduce corresponding display screen configuration; to keep up with project progress, ignore project quality and safety management. website; not to reduce cost of construction, but to reduce configuration of wires; Outdoor LED Screen Screen installation can be done in an orderly manner. The precautions for installing outdoor LED screen are related to future use and safety of product, and should be taken strictly and seriously.

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