September 27, 2023

Smart Community Integrated Security Management Solution

1. Construction history

Since 2012, building a smart city has become an important national and local development strategy. "Smart community" is basic unit and an integral part of "smart city". In recent years, construction of smart communities has become a trend and a trend jointly promoted by state, developers and management companies.

2. An overview of building a smart community

Based on previous market research and demand analysis, our construction goal is to create a "safe, healthy, interactive and harmonious community", modernize and transform traditional smart real estate community, and use modern information through related systems and terminals. Technologies and tools seamlessly integrate property management, home improvement and various public information application systems of traditional intelligent security communities. Realize connection of security systems, property management and operation network services, smart home environment and convenient interaction between personal and public information, so that owners can truly enjoy all-round services, support property management companies in managing and continuously increasing revenues. and add value to real estate brand.

3. Smart Community Plan

According to development needs of smart community, unified platform + IOT basic system integration + advanced business application architecture design is adopted, that is, based on smart community integrated business platform, independent systems such as community fire protection, water supply, electricity supply, intelligent security and core network will be integrated. Organic integration realizes interconnection and provides rich applications and community operations through integrated data analysis and accurate information.

Fourthly, overall security system of smart community

5. Integrated Equipment Management

Building an Integrated Command and Control Platform for Smart Devices: Implementing a Unified Network, a Unified Platform, and Comprehensive Security Management and Control

1. Property Management: Receive, validate, and accept and create files to use and manage trusted managed homes and properties, as well as fulfill business requirements such as occupancy, rental, and home exchange.

2. Housing Maintenance Management: According to relevant national housing maintenance management regulations and actual situation of community, it automatically formulates proposed housing and civil construction repair plan, and helps managers to manage and monitor execution of plan. .

3. Utilities and facilities management: including maintenance and service of equipment, maintenance and maintenance of public public facilities (such as public lighting, water and sewer, fountains and other facilities), and maintenance of occupant facilities.

4. Community Security: The Community Security Center monitors situation in community with alarms and sensors installed on doors, windows, kitchens, etc. Automatic alarms.

5.Public parking: under control of main control computer integrated in equipment package, entry is unattended, and exit is automatically registered and released.

Seven, basic support system

Electronic patrol intercom system: walkie-talkie integrates electronic patrol function, and patrol point is realized by walkie-talkie. Patrol systems do not require special wiring. * Using radio frequency range of walkie-talkie, output information is uploaded to server, which is convenient for expansion and makes work of guard more convenient, safer and more efficient.

Multimedia system for issuing information: display terminals are placed in corridors of buildings, elevators and public areas, on which information can be posted or advertising spaces can be rented. Automatic distribution of information to all displays through a central computer. Information can be textual and graphic.

Public address, background music system. By setting up speakers on side of road or in green lane, you can leisurely stroll through community with background music to unwind after a busy day. In event of emergencies, emergency notices and broadcasts may also be issued.

Smart Parking Lighting: Lighting control is automatically detected by radar (microwave) LED sensors. When there is no vehicle entering or leaving, light will automatically dim, and when a vehicle enters or exits, light will automatically turn on, which saves a lot of electricity for management company.

Smart Express Delivery: After courier delivers package to community, put courier in inbox, use inbox to send a text message and confirmation code to consignee, and consignee uses confirmation code to unpack. plastic bag .

Smart Home System: Provides basic wiring and interfaces for whole family. Specific applications are selected by the owner, including smart home control, remote video surveillance, indoor 3D protection (both fire prevention and disaster prevention), emergency alarm, etc.


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