September 24, 2023

IVMS-8800 Client User Manual


1.1 Double-click icon on the computer desktop [as shown in fig. 1-1]

Figure 1-1

1.2 Display following interface [as shown in Fig. 1-2]

Figure 1-2

1.3 Enter username (user) and password (123456) and login will be successful;

Real-time monitoring preview

Monitoring screen layout and description of toolbar menu functions [as shown in fig. 2-1 2-2]

Figure 2-1

Figure 2-2

Live video preview

Click to open organization tree and select an image feed to view. There are several ways to open an image:

A Double-click a channel with left mouse button to display channel image;

B Left-click channel you are watching, press and hold it, and then drag it to image preview window to be displayed [as shown in Fig. 2-3]

Figure 2-3

PTZ control

Click to open organization tree [as shown in fig. 2-4], then it will be a controlled ball game machine;

Figure 2-4

Right click mouse on live video screen, select "PTZ control", and PTZ control button will appear on screen, [as shown in Figure 2-5], [as shown in Figure 2-6] where the mouse wheel can be used to control lens zoom; select "PTZ control" again to exit PTZ control.

Figure 2-5

Figure 2-6

Play third chapter video

3.1 Left click "View" in upper left corner and select "Record playback" [as shown in Fig. 3-1];

Figure 3-1

3.2 First select date and time to play back [as shown in fig. 3-2]

Figure 3-2

3.3 Double-click a channel to play, and multiple channels can be played at the same time;

3.4 Description of Recording Toolbar Menu Functions [as shown in Fig. 3-3]

Figure 3-3

Chapter 4 Live Screen on TV Wall

4.1 Live screen wall operation

Left-click "View" in upper left corner, select "Monitor Screen Operations", and monitor screen group interface will appear, [as shown in Fig. 4-1]

Figure 4-2

4.2 Single Screen Split TV Wall Operation

Right click on screen you want to split, select 4, 9 and other multi-screens, [as shown in fig. 4-3];

Figure 4-3

The operation of gluing multiple screens on a TV wall

A. First, close screen to be glued, then select all closed screens, and then click "Glue" [as shown in Fig. 4-4];

Figure 4-4

B. Select channel to connect to TV wall again;

4.5 Single Screen Patrol as shown in fig. 4-5

Figure 4-5

First step, left click on "TV Wall Plan"

Second step, left click on tour;

Third step: left click "red 3" to add a patrol;

Figure 4-6

The fourth step, as shown in fig. 4-6 is to select screen to patrol; Yellow means screen has been repeated patrolled.

The fifth step is to change name of tour;

Sixth step, left click on "Moving monitoring point";

The seventh step, as shown in fig. 4-7, left click "+";

Figure 4-7

The eighth step, as shown in fig. 4-8, select channel to patrol and press "√";

Step nine, left click on "Add",,;

Step ten, left click "OK";

Eleventh step, left click on "Save".

Chapter 5 Downloading and Copying Videos

A. As shown in figure [Fig. 5-1], left click "small triangle" in red box, and interface shown in [Fig. 5-2].

Figure 5-1

Figure 5-2

Select a channel to download and copy;

Select a date;

Select a time

Click "Search Video";

Write progress bar "5" appears;

Select all and press "√";

Select saved path or U drive;

"9" This position requests space needed to save to disk

Click "Start Backup";

"10" indicates progress of backup.

Chapter 6. Working with network keyboard

6.1 Unlocking keyboard

[As shown in fig. 6-1], press any key to activate keypad, and then press and hold "LOCK" button for more than 4 seconds to unlock it; "LOCK" will turn blue to indicate a successful unlock, [as shown in Fig. 6-2];

Figure 6-1

Figure 6-2

6.2 Keyboard Login

[As shown in Figure 6-3] Select "Keyboard Operations" on left and [as shown in Figure 6-4] enter username (user) and password (123456) to log in;

Figure 6-3

Figure 6-4

After successfully logging in, it will be displayed as shown in [Fig. 6-5]; then select "Input Settings"; you can enter interface [Fig. 6-6]

Figure 6-5

Figure 6-6

[Picture 6-6], select dome camera to control, click "Preview" on right to display live channel image as shown in [Picture 6-7]; then use handle to control ball machine.

Figure 6-7

Figure 6-8

As shown in Figure 6-8, click "NEXT" to switch to live screen of next dome camera; press "ESC" to exit current operation.

Notes. Before using keyboard to control dome camera, it is recommended to display corresponding live images on video wall.