September 24, 2023

Construction of computer room of data center

Today, all spheres of life in world rely more and more on computer and network technologies. When global enterprises take advantage of development of computer and network technologies, they must consider their stability and reliability. its advantages due to stable and reliable operation, and stable and reliable operation of computer equipment depends on strict environmental conditions of computer room, that is, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, noise, vibration, static electricity, electromagnetic interference and other conditions. computer room And its precision control, so design and construction of engineering computer room is key.

From design point of view, it is necessary to fully consider equipment layout, functional separation, overall effect and decoration style, and reflect characteristics and style of modern computer room.

Once completed, computer room should meet needs of long-term development, while ensuring safe, reliable and stable operation of computer systems and network equipment. The concept of "Efficiency". The construction project follows guiding ideology of "reasonable investment, unified planning, based on present, moderately advanced" and general principle of "common planning, phased implementation."

According to complexity of computer room, it is usually composed of shielding system, decoration system, power supply and distribution system, UPS system, lightning protection grounding system, fire protection system, cabinet system, air conditioning system, computer room. integrated wiring system, environmental monitoring system, etc. composition.

The computer room project is a system project, and each component system is connected to each other!