September 24, 2023

The monitoring system is linked to access control and alarm system

Video surveillance, access control and alarm systems have always been extremely important subsystems in security system. At same time, they are almost indispensable in large-scale security systems. The combination of video surveillance and other subsystems will make the security system more effective. With security and tightness, control and management are complementary.

The ultimate goal of integrating security subsystems is to improve end-to-end prevention capabilities of application site. Through integrated security management platform, integration and communication of multiple subsystems such as video surveillance, alarm, access control and patrol The video surveillance system can be integrated with access control system and alarm are related to control of sound and light reminders, opening spotlight, storing video recording, displaying a pop-up video screen and etc. These subsystems are interconnected and complement each other to form a whole. The alarm provides functions such as real-time upload, alarm recording, SMS notification, etc. After any subsystem uploads detected alarms to comprehensive platform control, it can quickly communicate with other subsystems for emergency treatment. and improve security of each system.Early warning and joint protection capabilities between subsystems to achieve unattended.

In communities, factories, locations with hazardous chemicals, scenic spots, and other scenarios, electronic fences and smoke detectors can be used for perimeter and emergency deployment. For example, infrared electronic fences detect that someone has crossed fence and report information to monitoring. center in time. If perimeter arming and monitoring can be linked, more efficient and rigorous security effects can be achieved. For example: after infrared grating detects an anomaly, high-speed ball will automatically turn to abnormal position, smoke detector will trigger an alarm, camera will automatically record, etc.

Alarm information flow:

When alarm system is triggered, sensor sends a signal to alarm host, and alarm host connects to NVR. The alarm host connects to AI (analog input) or DI (digital input). ) of NVR channel. Once NVR receives an alarm from alarm host (the analog alarm mechanism is that voltage exceeds set threshold range to generate an alarm, switch quantity alarm mechanism is a comparison between channel switch and normal state set in advance , and change - alarm) outputs switching signal to corresponding DO channel (switch output) through pre-installed software or hardware (some products can be directly connected to equipment), and device (control) switch connected to DO channel to turn on sound and light siren, spotlight, etc., and at same time, NVR performs on-site video recording through software.

Implementation of communication between monitoring system and other systems:

Using NVR as central equipmentfor command and control, it connects to alarms such as cameras, infrared sensors, door magnets and switch alarm equipment, and is controlled by software to realize alarm output.

Monitoring system linked to infrared alarm and electronic fence system

Communication between an alarm system and a monitoring system typically requires alarm system to provide a dry node that connects to monitoring host via a dry node to communicate with other devices.

"Alarm" here can be an infrared detector or electronic fence alarm, which connects to NVR alarm input terminal signal through output dry contact. The alarm is realized through NVR. After processing, control sound and light alarm through NVR output terminal, turn on floodlight at corresponding point, or start intelligent preset position of high-speed dome machine, and turn preset direction to collect monitoring screen and other operations;

The alarm input of DVR here must be a passive input, and active alarm input cannot be connected directly, otherwise equipment will burn out, and it is connected to signal of sound and light alarm and searchlight through relay.

Communication between monitoring system and access control system

Access control systems are generally installed at important entrances and exits, and CCTV cameras are installed at same time. When someone enters with a card, it can be linked to DVR. Recording and storage, timely registration of staff entry and exit information, in event of illegal intrusion, a series of monitoring system alarm communication operations can be triggered by alarm information sent by access control system, such as sound and light communication alarm, preset communication position, electronic communication card alarm, bind alarm Click image to switch on wall, bind image capture, bind video storage, etc., and at same time, it can bind alarm popup processing plan.

Access control system actions it can be associated with include removal of controller or accessory, unauthorized door open, door open timeout, door open duress, card invalid, card swipe to open door, button to open door , disarming, arming, various other alarm conditions, etc. Once controller detects above signal, it will immediately start video surveillance equipment to record events on channel site. The host will display recorded information to monitoring interface of access control software in real time. According to actual needs, video recording data can be stored in local control host or DVR in another location.

Some cameras have special features that can analyze behavior of people appearing on camera screen, make decisions based on analysis, and then provide feedback, such as communication recording, sound and light alarm, voice alarm, etc.

Communication between intercom and video surveillance

When user sends an intercom request through a specific intercom number or presses emergency button to send an alarm request, through presetting of integrated security management platform, surveillance system can be quickly connected to pop music. TV wall location monitoring Graphics and electronic maps prompt alarms and pop-up video recordings for alarm prompts, linked snapshots and video recordings to record site conditions.

Relationship between patrol and video surveillance

When an attendant registers on patrol button, CCTV system will automatically trigger to capture image and save video. If there is no patrol record within set time, a series of system communication operations can be triggered by patrol system alarm.monitoring topics.


When there are many alarm inputs, wiring is done through terminal block to make internal wiring neat and beautiful.

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