September 23, 2023

Installation details of electronic anti-theft fence system

Electronic fence is a kind of perimeter anti-theft alarm system. The system is mainly composed of electronic fence assembly, supporting parts, alloy cables and internal control system.

An electronic fence blocks illegal intrusions by installing alloy cables on fence. Warning signs hang on metal wires, which create a holding pressure at sight of people. Those who are discouraged;

With extremely low false alarm rate, advanced alarm principle, high anti-interference ability, accurate alarm and mature technology, electronic fence overcomes technical defects of infrared, microwave and electrostatic induction, and is applied in various fields. industries.

Currently, details of our implementation process may reflect level of company and technician. As shown in figure below, two protection areas converge at electronic fence alarm assembly. Too many, which provides an opportunity for illegal intruders.

In addition, as shown in above figure, alloy wire tensioner cannot be in line, and installation is ugly.

A good way to handle this is shown in figure below:

When protection zone is too long, carrier rod is installed in middle, and alloy wire jumps from periphery, forming a half-arc on outside.

Processing corner of electronic fence

After all aluminum wires of electronic fence are installed, all aluminum wires of fence are in a straight line when viewed from above.

When viewed from below, distance between support rod and PV guide rod is same, and distance between them should be same.

The warning sign hanger is covered with leather thread to prevent alloy thread from breaking in wind after a long time

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