September 23, 2023

Pole outdoor camera, lightning protection ground resistance should not exceed 10 ohms;

We install video surveillance cameras on outdoor supports, while designing it is necessary to take into account lightning protection measures. Installation of SPDs and SPDs is one of measures to protect cameras from lightning strikes.

Grounding a lightning arrester is usually a method of using a support for a nearby ground.

The ground resistance of control pole must meet requirements, according to GB 50174-2017 Data Center Design Code:

11.3.3 For security equipment installed outdoors, lightning protection measures must be taken. Shielded cables must be used for power lines and signal lines. Ohm.

According to provisions of GB 50348-2018 "Technical Safety and Protection Standards" for "Lightning Protection and Grounding Design":

6.11.3 The protection system ground bar must be made of copper wires, and ground terminal must be marked with a ground. When using a common grounding device, resistance value of common grounding device must comply with requirements for minimum resistance value for various grounding devices. When using a special grounding device, resistance value of special grounding device should not exceed 4 ohms; grounding resistance of starting equipment installed outdoors should not exceed 10 ohms; when resistivity of high-mountain soil exceeds 2000 ohms, grounding resistance should not exceed 20 ohms;

According to GB 50462-2015 "Technical requirements for construction and acceptance of data center infrastructure" 6.4.1, "Acceptance testing" must meet following requirements:

1. The design, material, installation position, buried distance and depth of grounding device must comply with design requirements;

2. Hidden works must be checked along with works and construction records must be kept;

3. Make sure that specifications and models of surge protector meet design requirements, and also make sure that installation location and installation method of surge protector meet specifications;

4. Specifications, laying method and connection method of ground wire and equipotential metal strip must comply with technical requirements;

5. The characteristics and methods of laying potential equalization metal strip must comply with technical requirements;

6. The grounding resistance value of grounding device must comply with design requirements.

6.4.2 Acceptance certificates for lightning protection and grounding devices must be completed in accordance with appendix to this specification and must be submitted upon acceptance.

6.4.3 Delivery and acceptance of construction works must comply with provisions of Article 3.3.2 of this Code.

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