September 23, 2023

Way of grounding information and computing room

According to relevant definitions of GB 50174-2017 Data Center Design Rules:

2.1.29 Protective earth

Grounding for personal and equipment safety.

2.2.30 Functional earthing

It is used to ensure normal operation of equipment (system) and correct implementation of function of grounding equipment (system).

2.2.31 Earth wire

Connecting wire from ground lug or ground strap to ground bank.

2.2.32 Potential equalization zone

A metal belt that connects potential equalization network, metal case of equipment, metal pipe, metal box, metal structure of building, etc. to form potential equalization.

2.2.33 Potential equalization conductor

Connection of individual primary conductive objects to conductors of a ground bus, potential equalization jumper or potential equalization grid.

In accordance with GB 50174-2017 Data Center Design Code for ESD protection:

8.3.1 The antistatic design of data center shall comply with relevant provisions of current national standard "Electronic Antistatic Design Code" GB50611.

8.3.2 For main computer room and ancillary area where electronic information equipment is installed, floor or ground should have static discharge measures and grounding structures, and surface or volume resistance value of antistatic floor and ground should be

It should also have fire retardant, environmental protection, stain resistance and wear resistance.

8.3.3 Rooms in engine room and ancillary rooms that do not use antistatic raised floors can be covered with antistatic primers, static electricity dissipation characteristics should be stable for a long time and should not generate dust. .

8.3.5 The connecting wire for electrostatic grounding shall meet requirements for mechanical strength and chemical resistance and shall be welded or crimped. When using a conductive adhesive to connect to ground wire, contact area must be at least 20 cm^2.