September 21, 2023

Server location in network architecture and connection form

Enterprises provide various types of server-based services, including web servers, database servers, application (game) servers, file servers, mail servers, FTP servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, etc. < /p>

Let's get to know server first:

Server front panel

Server back panel

Generally, there are four types of network systems associated with servers, correct me if there are any omissions;

1. Server business network system.

It is mainly network that provides services to users in business system, as well as main network system that we build daily.

The server is directly connected to service switch using optical fiber or a network cable.

2. Network storage system for servers

The data running on server is stored on a professional storage device, and created storage network is connected using fiber or network cable, as required.

3. Network server management system

The server is usually equipped with an IPMI interface. Through this interface, a management network is established, providing a convenient environment for daily management and maintenance of server.

4. KVM server management system

For a small server room, in order to save money, you can create a control network in this way.

The KVM system extends server's mouse, keyboard and monitor signals, which need to be controlled and displayed in background, to workstations in each functional area of ​​the monitoring center to realize centralized management. and fast switching of multiple hosts with a single set of mouse and keyboard in workplace, which satisfies monitoring, analysis and display requirements of demo center.

Currently, network associated with server is basically like this. If there are omissions, add and correct them.

Depending on role of server in network and business requirements, you can design and build an integrated cabling system of any architecture.

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