September 20, 2023

Set up a connection between local computer and Huawei ENSP VA to create a configuration environment.

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Open ENSP software and add cloud devices as shown below:

If binding information does not contain a virtual network card, it cannot be resolved. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Check if virtual network card is installed correctly. If not, reinstall VirtualBOX virtual machine software.

2. If program is installed correctly, uninstall WinPcap program and install it again.

3. Install WinPcap software.

After reinstallation is complete, this issue can be resolved as shown in figure below.

In port box above, add UDP and virtual NIC respectively;

In "Port Mapping Settings" as shown above, select "Bidirectional Channel", click "Add", and cloud setup will be completed.

Add PC1 to topology diagram, set IP address to and connect to cloud device, turn on local computer and enter cmd while working;

It can communicate with PC1 virtual machine and build is complete.

By building such an environment, you can configure switches, routers, firewalls, and other devices via Telnet, SSH, WEB, and more.

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