September 19, 2023

Is CAD drawing font displayed in project? How to decide?

Do we often run into this situation, open a drawing file and find that a lot of fonts are displayed? ? ? This, of course, is not what we need.

How can we solve this problem? Today I will tell you a simple method:

Select first? font and then press CTRL+1 to open text dialog, look at display? What is style of text in, for example, in this case it is "like Song Dynasty".

Then we exit and enter the ST command as shown below

Press Enter, open "Text Style" and find "Fake Song" font style we just saw in this style;

Found in font name, font display? , we need to reset new text font at this time.

For example, if we select "Arial", we press "Apply" so that entire drawing is selected? The font changes to Song Ti font as shown in figure below.

What if there is something else in picture? For font, you can do it again with above method.

Isn't it very easy, hurry up and adjust your CAD drawings? The font is.