September 19, 2023

Use your home computer to create a small video surveillance system

There is an old computer at home that was liquidated earlier, and it is no longer needed, so it's a pity to throw it away,

Today I will teach you how to make him look younger and build a small video surveillance system that can be implemented and save money.

As shown in figure above, connect network camera and computer to aggregation switch, and turn on network to communicate with each other. The IP addresses of camera and computer can be configured according to following plan.

1. Install IVMS-4200 software on the host computer.

We use 4200 software as our surveillance video recording and playback management software. After installing software, first register a super user name and set a password. After installation is completed, main interface is as follows.

2. Add a front camera

Click Device Management and then add all cameras to software. External devices can be IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, network alarm hosts, etc. Only cameras are added here.

The address here is IP address of camera, no matter how many cameras there are, you can add as many devices as possible.

Note: The IP address can also be an available external network IP address to realize remote video monitoring and control.

3. Add a storage server and set up video recording

Double click to open "Storage Server". After launch, icon of a running storage server will be displayed in lower right corner of right window.

Right-click on storage server icon and a pop-up configuration menu will appear to configure storage server as shown in figure below.

The write quota percentage shows size of write file that hard disk logical drive can provide. If it is equal to 100%, then entire hard disk is reserved for video recording, and other files cannot be stored on this disk.

4. IVMS-4200 adds a storage server to store video from camera.

Click "Control Panel" --- "Device Management" --- select "Storage Server" on left.

Click "Add device" on right, enter IP address, username, password and enter IP address of computer;

It can also be added using Online Device button below.

Select currently added storage server and click Remote Setup above to set it up.

5. Storage Server - Storage Hard Drive Configuration

Open "Storage" - "General", available information about hard disk will be displayed on right, select hard disk, and then "Format".

Explanation: Formatting here is not a true formatting, and this operation does not erase existing data on drive.

6. Set up a storage plan for external hardware.

Back to IVMS-4200 main interface, "Control Panel" --- "Storage Plan".

Select appropriate storage server and set up appropriate recording plan, and that's it.

7. Video playback

After configuring above "storage plan", restart IVMS-4200 for configuration to take effect.

In this way, installation and configuration of software and configuration of storage server are completed, and viewing and playback of video surveillance images can be performed using 4200 software.