September 18, 2023

One step solution: black and white CAD drawings to PDF drawings

#头条创作战斗赛#After completion of a project, it is usually necessary to release as-built drawings. Printed as-built drawings are all drawings, and drawings we see are usually black. and white, so how can we let us see them normally? Blueprints become blueprints.

We draw various types of as-built drawings, do you have any needs?

When it is necessary to print CAD drawings as blueprints, if blue printing is supported, we can easily achieve this, just like printing black and white drawings, by setting print style. Follow me step by step.

Click "File" - "Print" to open print settings dialog, as shown in figure below.

Opens print dialog.

Select "monochrome.ctb" (black and white print style) in "Print Style Sheet" in "Print Options" and click "Edit" button on right.

In Table, first select color 1, then drop down to color 255, press Shift+Select, select all colors, in Properties, Color, change black to blue.

Save modified plot style, for example, save file name as "print drawing". This sets plotting style of the drawing.

In Plot Style Sheet, select previously saved Plot Drawing style, set other print options, preview print when completed, and print directly in blue graphics.

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