September 17, 2023

Network congestion is culprit behind CCTV freezes and black screens

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In a computer network, several switch ports receive data, and one port sends data to main device. If there are not enough resources on switch, network congestion will occur.

When total speed exceeds interface speed, switch will be overloaded. When congestion occurs, network may lose packets.

In a video surveillance system, when network is overloaded, there will be freezes and black screens when watching video.

How to avoid these problems during design and implementation?

The answer is simple, we need to choose a switch suitable for this system. Packet rate and backplane bandwidth are two key factors to consider when choosing a switch. Only by choosing right switch for this system, we can avoid network overload and ensure normal operation of video surveillance system.

In addition, we also need to know some networks. Why can switches speed up packets? This knowledge can help us better solve problem of network congestion, and also help us better choose a switch that is suitable for this system.

We can use command to query baud rate on switch interface

display outgoing counter interface

How to avoid network congestion and keep it running smoothly is a problem we need to think about and solve. How do you think network congestion should be avoided? Welcome to leave a message in comment area and share your thoughts with us.

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