September 17, 2023

One of sections of electronic tender documentation

When we make bidding documents, we usually put all content of bidding documents in same document, make unified changes and adjustments, and upload bidding documents after all content has been changed and improved Operation, but when uploading tender documents documents, I need to upload contents of each document, what should I do?

Isn't it too hard to split files one at a time? Today I will share with you a quick method. Please read on.

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Firstly, use Word to open bidding document, and set each section as first level heading, and each heading is divided into one page;

Second, save as a PDF file;

In options, click on configuration below.

The third step is to open PDF file with a quick PDF editor.

Click "Document-Split Document" to split bidding document.

That's it. One directory is split into one file and you can download them individually.

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