September 16, 2023

Unpacked, unpacked, unpacked! Wireless bridge out of box!

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With continuous development of wireless network technology, wireless network equipment has become a popular product. The most common are wireless routers, wireless cameras, wireless bridges, etc., among which wireless bridges are widely used for monitoring, and also used to monitor wireless transmission. One of important devices. Especially where wiring is inconvenient and the building environment is not good, it is widely used.

The elevator video control circuit is one of standard configurations of video monitoring system. We used accompanying cables to transmit video signal. This laying method has a drawback, that is, structure is inconvenient and maintenance cost is high. Now we can use wireless bridge instead of accompanying cables to transmit video signal .

Today, I'm unboxing a set of Hikvision wireless bridge hardware for you.

Open box

The equipment list for unpacking mainly includes:

Wireless bridge 1 pair

The wireless bridge is divided into end of camera and end of computer room.

1 pair DC12V to POE power supply

Device connection

Camera Side

Computer room

Device installation

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