September 15, 2023

Monitoring host Data collection host

The data acquisition system is an important link in building a dynamic environment for a computer room. The dynamic environment monitoring system is divided into three categories: data acquisition layer, transmission layer, and control layer. The data acquisition layer mainly consists of various types of sensors and data acquisition nodes. The host has a variety of port and data interface resources, which can be connected to various monitoring objects, such as power, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, water leakage, etc., and comprehensively cover various environmental parameters and equipment in monitoring room.

Zonghengtong Computer Room Monitoring Host is a high-performance environmental monitoring platform. The equipment integrates data collection and processing, so that users can know emergency situation in computer room in time to ensure complete safety of computer room. guaranteed. The host's built-in web server makes system setup, data browsing and other operations extremely easy: you only need to open an IE browser to log into host without installing any software or database. It is a high performance monitoring host that can be run to monitor power system in small distributed computer rooms. It is mainly used in computer rooms of distributed banking ATMs, computer rooms of small securities companies, computer rooms of mobile base stations and other places.

Monitoring host Data collection host

Dynamic monitoring host technical parameters:

1. Built-in integrated design, built-in data acquisition, network communication, alarm host and other functions;

2. Provide 10/100M RJ45 adaptive Ethernet port;

3. Support for convenient and easy-to-use web-based configuration management;

4. The data acquisition port adopts a unified RJ45 connector shape, which is convenient and beautiful to install;

5. All input and output ports are ESD protected;

6. Provide RS232/RS485 window. Depending on communication mode of smart devices, it supports additional functions of RS232/RS485, fully covering various types of smart devices;

7. Provide AI/DI ports that can flexibly configure port resources;

8. Built-in network reset interface.