September 15, 2023

Computer room monitoring industry helps new infrastructure grow steadily

In 2020, a new epidemic of coronary pneumonia has spread around world. During epidemic, industries such as online cloud services, cloud New Year greetings, remote work, online education and other industries "go against tide" and develop rapidly, and many "cloud" platforms have appeared in various industries. These "cloud platforms" that provide remote office work for enterprises and online classes for students also exist because behind them is a powerful and secure data center silently behind every front-end application.

The 5G era is coming and cloud platform is being used more and more. It also places higher demands on infrastructure such as data centers and base stations that support system. ", various industries also began to look for a method to ensure stable development of their own business in special conditions.

According to requirements of national standard "Data Center Design Code" (GB/50174-2017) and national standard "Data Center Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance Standard" (GB/T51314-2018), functional design of data center for system security Clarify requirements and put forward basic intellectual requirements for functional communication of security system. It can be said that computer room monitoring becomes part of intelligent operation and maintenance of data center, integrated with intelligent fire protection management, combined with integration of equipment information, environmental control information and asset information, and finally , enable Data Center Monitoring Center.

In framework of construction of computer room and data center, computer room power monitoring system centrally monitors and manages all equipment and equipment of computer room. The monitoring system collects various data on operation parameters of data center computer room to judge presence of deviations operating and maintenance personnel could make positive and accurate judgments, which is why a monitoring system is especially important in a data center computer room.

Therefore, in future, rapid development of infrastructure such as data centers, base stations and corporate computer rooms will also require dynamic monitoring manufacturers to provide better products and better technical services.