September 15, 2023

Why Monitoring a UPS Battery in a Computer Room is Important

The battery is an important part of UPS system in computer room. Battery monitoring and ability to monitor battery status in a timely manner are essential to improve reliability of UPS system in computer room. To avoid risks associated with UPS battery in computer room due to human control, it is necessary to install a monitoring system for computer room.

In a UPS system, battery is backbone of system. A UPS without a battery can only be called a Variable Voltage and Frequency (CVCF) power supply. The UPS can provide uninterrupted power thanks to battery. The UPS stores energy in battery when utility power is normal. After a power failure, energy in battery is converted by UPS inverter and supplied to other equipment in computer room to keep UPS running normally. Basic equipment in computer room.

Many people think that UPS has its own battery monitoring function, and it is not necessary to monitor battery separately, but reality is that monitoring battery only through UPS is far from enough. It is impossible to detect and evaluate the condition, pros and cons of each battery.

The battery monitoring module in ZTT computer room dynamic environment monitoring system can monitor UPS and each battery in computer room in real time (monitoring content includes: voltage, internal resistance, temperature, etc.) and monitor health status UPS and batteries UPS Comprehensive monitoring.